Is it possible to calculate input delay in a controller with the turbo function?


hello, I have a question about this topic…

In a few games, they have a function in training mode with you can see the numbers of frames when you tapping, for example I tap LP and the indicator said you push the button 4 frames.

With a Turbo function,I think , if the button tapping is the same, will be a shitty pcb less stable in the record?

I know is depend of the turbo, you can get more or less frames, but…

Look at this:
the first is 2-3 frames “stable” (2-3-2-3 etc), and the second is 3 frames stables and turn in 2-3-4, why?

And the more strange thing, the hori have 3 versions of the turbo, I upload the slowest and the fastest too:
In the slowest, is super stable (6f always) and in the fastest is the same at the “medium” but with 1-2

What can be the interpretation?

P.S: Is in a PC but I tried with other games in ps3 with this kind of “frames calculator” and I have the same numbers.


Generally speaking, turbo works by cutting out the button’s circuit and then attaching it at specific time intervals. The NES Advantage had a set of dials (potentiometers) which affect the dwell (delay) of how quickly the circuit will open and close, while the NES Max has a secondary IC and set of commons; neither have anything to do with latency. :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t know that, thank you!