Is it possible to convert a Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 to a GC pad?


I’ve been using a ps2 and a cube joybox for smash but, there’s subtle lag and I want the best controller possible so I want to know…

  1. Is this possible?
  2. If it is, would it be less laggy than my current setup?


Only way would be to use a converter. If the known converters are laggy, then they’re laggy. The only other option would be to build a stick using a GC pad hack. It is possible to get a LS-64 analog stick for use in that situation.

I’d actually be really interested to see someone build an analog Smash stick, if not, build one myself just because Tech Talk.

Other than the LS-64 analog stick there would be other options like Paradise Magenta (when it comes out) and Ultimarc Mag stick, I think. Not 100% sure about the Mag being analog.


You can do a project box. Have the GCN pad inside the project box and then have a modded DS2 with the controls directly wired to something like a DA-15 connector to connect it to the box.


Project boxes are a bit out of my scope of knowledge. Does that work by simply soldering a wire from the button contact points to each pad?

Also, if the current converter the OP has is only a frame of lag I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It would be a lot of work for what is such a small amount of lag. What converter do you have OP?


The Mag isn’t analog, it uses magnets to center instead of a spring. The Ultimarc Ultrastik is the analog stick.


I’m using the mayflash cube joybox. I haven’t been able to do any accuate testing, but after using them side by side, i notice a frame or 2 of lag. It isn’t that big of a deal, but as someone who plays smash religiously, I want the best I can get with a sony controller.


Should be possible to padhack the pcb from a gamecube controller and cut it down really small so that it could fit inside a PS1 pad.


Yes. Though I believe it’s recommended to also cut the trace on the PCB itself. This would also be much easier depending on whether or not the PCB in the project box is common ground or not. If it’s not, then you end up having to use a large d-sub connector.


Why a ps1 pad Gummo? The DS1 uses digital buttons which will make light shielding impossible. I was hoping after taking out the battery of a ps3 controller, I could do a mod similar to your gc classic controller mod you did a couple years ago.


Because the ds4 is common ground and has a pcb that can be soldered to. Ds2 and ds3 aren’t common ground and use plastic sheets for the button circuits.

Tho not having analog triggers does ca use a problem for shielding. Could wire up r1 and R2 to register the triggers at different signal levels to get around the problem.


Which model do you think i should get? Early A or either H versions? (Diagrams can be found at