Is it possible to convert a tekken 6 hori wireless stick into a cabled one?

Hello there, i recently bought a hori tekken 6 stick and I was wondering if it was possible to make it cabled!

it is, you just have to swap out the PCB inside with a wired one.

Of course, but IMO it’s not worth the effort with that stick. It’s horrible to mod.

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This thing?

Yeah, there so many other sticks that are more worth modding.
The stock buttons are soldered to a Button daughter board, its a pain in the ass to remove.

One of the Mayflash sticks would be a better choice. The Mayflash F300 already accepts real arcade parts.

I just modded a stick with the same body, the 8bitdo n30 bluetooth arcade stick. Swap out the parts, took out the original PCB, throw in a Brooks Retro PCB and installed a Neutrik NE8FDP RJ45 passthrough.

I mean, technically you could leave that stick as stock parts and just replace the PCB with a wired one (like a Brook)… but it would still be crap.

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