Is it possible to do the Kimfinite with A groove?

A friend of mines claimed he saw someone do the kimfinite off his CC. i’m a bit skeptical but if its possible, it could mean a whole new level for A kim.

i doubt it, as the kimfinite involves the lvl 2 cancel to “glitch” the juggle counter.

Which “infinite” are we talking about?

The juggle with tiger kneed down kicks? Or the kara cancelled stomp kick into step kick?

The cancelled one doesn’t require any groove as far as I know, but is basically just for show. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Kim’s :d: :d: K move put’s him into a turn stance, which can somehow be cancelled into the :d: :d: K again. It allows you to infinite the person in the corner, but is very tricky and not practical.

C groove. Level 2 cancel only.

Tiger kneed kicks isn’t and infinite and you can’t go into the kimfinite from A-groove. That’d be too good though, because then you could never jump once he had meter.

the tiger knee juggle is not an infinite, it has a limit to how many juggles you can pull off before tiger knee super, off the level 1 you can pull 3 juggles then super, level 2 is 4 juggles then super level 3 is also 4 (i think) juggles into super.

It’s 3 juggles for his dive kicks, and you can connect air super after the last (or any) juggle.

Infinite is C-groove only. You can cancel stomps in any groove, but the infinite effect is ONLY possible off the lvl 2 cancel in C. If you don’t cancel out of the lvl 2 kick, you can’t infinite.

Also, you can jump at Kim even if he has the meter. His lvl 2 kick super trades with A LOT of normals, and that kills the infinite chance.

i thought it was too good to be true. well, i guess i’ll stick with my 6k CC then.

It’s almost 7000 if you’re doing the right custom…
6852 if you end with kick super into 3 dive kicks for meter…
6912 if you end with dash super…

which one is that?

i do this one: x3,, lp up kicks, mk flash kick, lp up kicks, mk flash kick x2, astro glide super. does like 6.2K i believe.

I think the one Leezy is talking about it like, c.mkx3 qcbk til corner, mash standing lk then go into either super.

Well, you can’t do dive kicks after the up-super if you do that CC, so I doubt it. The one you have is actually the one I normally use because it’s so braindead (although I do five c.forwards at the beginning…).

At any rate, you can get 7156 if you do:

c.forward XX d,d+roundhouse (opponent stands up), c.forward, far s.fierce, s.roundhouse, far s.fierce, s.roundhouse XX [qcb+roundhouse]x8, up-super, [tiger knee+kick]x3

The opponent has to be grounded the whole time to get 3 dive kicks at the end. Leezy was probably doing a variation of the above.

Kim has a ton of different CCs, and they all do about 6-7K. Ideally, if you want to keep these points in mind:

[]If you use a flash kick or up-kick (d-u+p), use the jab or short versions
]In order for the qcb+roundhouse to connect, the opponent has to be standing
[]Far s.fierce and c.fierce whiff on a lot of opponents
]You can stand up the opponent with a d,d+k stomp (qcb+short also works, but it hits twice, for less damage)
[]If you are near the corner, you can get hits fast by doing jumping hits - c.forward, c.roundhouse-whiff c.short, [sj.fierce x3-sj.short]xN
]In the corner, you can get hits fast with vertical j.roundhouse for damaging hits up to the 9th hit, then mash on close s.short for damage by hit count
[*]You can gain a bit of meter by post-CC hits, utilizing his tiger knee dive kicks after an up super (see above). If they are grounded you can get up to 3 juggle hits not including the super. If you juggle before the super, the maximum you can get is 3 minus the number of pre-super juggle hits, with a sweep counting as a juggle hit (i.e. sweep, super = max of 2 dive kicks).

Yeah, I do the above mentioned one, except that I just repeat low forward, stand fierce, stand rh, rh crescent kick 3 times because it’s easier for me to keep in sync. You get like 200 less damage than doing the repeated crescent kicks…but I have trouble timing them against certain characters. Definitely get a stomp in there to stand them up and do more damage in the beginning.