Is it possible to have an international clasification in Costa Rica?



I live and I also have a business in Costa Rica, my name is Pablo, my nick is Ragvenger.

Recently the e-sports in my country are in an expantion moment, and we have a lot of good players who want to live the action of the EVO Championship Series. So we want to organize a tournament, but the real prize and incentive of this kind of event can be only the participation in the EVO. So my question is: is there a possibility to have any official EVO help? I mean the utilization of the official name, contact with the organization, publicity, and of course help with the logistics of sending players to participate in the classificatory games in the U.S.

Of course, we are not asking for financial help, we can deal with that part. We are asking for a official partnership that allow us to give more validity to our tournament and give a fighting chance to all players in Costa Rica to live a real world class tournament. This kind of collaboration have one more benefit: the international positioning of the name EVO in Latin America. We are working to develop the e-sports in Costa Rica and this kind of help can be definitive.

My official e-mail account is:


You can try to apply for your event to be part of the Road to EVO series.
Usually, around the end of the year, the application for International Road to EVO events open up (expect an update on the frontpage of this website).
There were a bunch of events from Canada, Japan, Mexico etc that were accepted this year. I think you should have a good shot.
Hope this helps, and good luck!