Is it possible to install the PS360+ into a Tournament Edition 2 without using a Crossbone as well?

Hello, i’m just wondering if there is any mechanical, or hardware related reason why I would not be able to successfully install a PS360+ PCB into a Madcatz 2 TE2 without also using a Crossbone unit. I have looked for any evidence that a PS360+ can easily be installed to replace the initial PCB that comes in the TE2. I have found no guides for the installation of a PS360+ into a TE2 online, but I have found many guides on how to install one into a TE1. Would the installation process be more or less the same? I am not interested in Xbox One support, so I should have no need for the Crossbone, but will a PS360+, alone, seamlessly install into a TE2?

If you dont care about Xbone just take out the stock PCB and wire everything up to the PS360.