Is it possible to just exchange a sfac actuator?

Hi, i live in brazil and here we have easy access to a stick thats similar to the anniversary edition stick, i know thats not a great stick, but we get used to it and can execute everything most of the times hehe. I would love to buy some sanwa or happ but thats outside of possibility now.
The only thing that angers me are the levered microswitches, so i was wondering it its possible to just swith that round actuator for a happ square one and chancing the levered microswitches to normal microswitches.
Does anyone know this?

Going trough Happ website i just realized that probably our sticks are a copy from Happs super joysticks.

You could try and replicate the HAPP actuator with wood.

Basically it’s a small square piece that sits at the base of the joystick and is held in place with an e ring.

I was thinking in buying the actuators itselves.
Dont you think wood would be to rough for the micros?

Not sure if you can.

As opposed to hard plastic? Shouldn’t be any different as long as you cut the wood smooth.

Actually, i did some research and im thinking in trying both things, replicate the actuator and also buy the sticks.
Whats the greatest models? competition stick and comp buttons?
even using the search tool i couldnt find a complete happ guide

That is what they offer. Of that list the Comp and the p360 (optical stick) are considered the best. I hated the optical stick so I stick with the Comp stick. Plus comp is generally considered the fighting game stick in terms of American controls.

does it feel like a square gate?

No, it feels round. (oddly enough)