Is it possible to link INTO

I was just wondering if it was possible to cleanly link into abel’s I was watchin the pros and it looks like they are actually linking into it. When i try to do this it always ends up as a pressure blockstring never a clean link

on counter hit jab, step kick and crouching strong will all link into step kick
you can also do weird shit with standing far jab and crouch jab to make them hit on their 2nd frame, which makes a link into f+mk possible but this is not something you can do reliably.

In all cases it is a 1 frame link. turn on counter hit and practice jab into f+mk… then use that timing all the time. Then, any time it is possible to link into f+mk off a jab, you will do it without even thinking

thanks man ill hit the lab tomorrow after school

you can do a after a cross-up as well

You can link the like this as well.>c.lp>c.lp>s.lp>>into what ever.

Works when the opponent is standing. The timing isn’t too tight but it might just be me since I have a thing for tight links.

Isn’t the jab +6 on hit and the f+mk 7 frame startup though? So doesn’t that leave 1 frame open for them to mash out a DP?

Yeah, if your just going for the regular f+mk pressure strings they can DP it. But with the little link I listed above there, it connects so there’s no way a DP can hit it. You do need some timing for it to link though. Take your time slowly to get the link down.

The way I time it is just by hitting all of lp’s with even breaks between them then pause for a quick second then do the f+mk. Just go try it out in practice mode. Make sure Auto Guard is on so you’ll know if you’re linking it good. It helps your timing as well. You should get 5 hits linked together.

Interesting. What characters have you tested this against, might I ask ?

I’ve done it on Ryu - so people within his hitbox size are for sure going to get hit. I’ve done it on some other characters like Ken and stuff but just take the size of the hitbox into consideration and you’ll get what I mean.
Works on the bulkier fighters too like Abel, Balrog, Zangief and Rufus.
For the female character’s their hitboxes are smaller so you have to do the two c.lp’s faster than normal so your in the correct spacing to do the s.lp into f+mk.
It works on all the characters its just the timing might be changed with certain characters.
I’ll try to record it later today with my cam. Quality might be a bit bad but it’ll show that it works.

Ahh ok I see. Good stuff man. So basically anything after the f+mk on your string can be dp’d? Would the 1 frame f+mk > s.fp link not be dp’d?

Basically is this possible? > c.lp > c.lp > s.lp > > s.fp > xx COD > fadc > cr.fp > ultra?

Yeah, that combo will work. I’ve done it in some casuals before. All you need is practice and timing to get it down. What I’m saying that will get DP’ed is the regular f+mk pressure strings cause it doesn’t actually connect, its just for zoning in and pressuring.

Just keep practicing the link I mentioned and you’ll have a nice flashy combo. f+mk>s.hp will always connect with timing.

You’d be better off with a lk roll xx mp falling sky. Scaling would make the ultra a waste.

Never ever ever ever ever settle for mp. falling sky. Use cr.fp xx fp.falling sky on Dhalsim and Rose, and cr.fp xx lk roll xx fp.falling sky on everyone else.

Meh. The timing is less strict and I’m less likely to drop it. I’d rather sacrifice a little damage to ensure I don’t fuck up, than drop it and not connect the FS at all.

Fair enough, but instead of sacrificing the damage, you should sacrifice the meter and do cr.fp xx fp. falling sky instead of doing the roll into mp. falling sky. With fp. falling sky, you get more damage AND more stun. All easy as pie, with the only sacrifice being 20 out of 1000 ex points.

Cool. I’ll definitely take that to practice. The roll comes out as twitch move now, so I’ll have to break the habit.