Is it possible to loose up the P360?

Feels like a workout for my arm after I spend 1 hour on this thing. I LOVE the optical feeling, but it is way too stiff for extended use. The optical technology with looseness a little more comparable to Happ Competition would be flawless.

Yes it is possible to loosen up the stick by either changing the springs or playing on the damn thing for a very long time so that the springs just loosen up naturally. That’s how mine are - people tell me my 360s are loose all the time and that’s just gravy for me because I like em that way.


Yeah, about the spring. Is it possible to swap the P360 spring from a Happ Competition or Ultimate? Or is there a place to buy springs seperately.

Yes you can trade springs from other controllers into the 360s or vice versa. It’s really easy to do.

They sell springs specifically for the 360 frmo happ but Im sure another spring from a comp or ultimate will fit since they are the same. The springs from supers have diff part numbers but may fit as well.