Is it possible to make a ps2 to gamecube adapter?

I have looked everywhere and couldn’t find and answer. I was searching on eBay to find a ps2 to gamecube adapter for my sfae stick. Most of the adapters look like they spliced a ps2 female extension to a male gamecube tip. Is it really as easy as matching the controller pinouts? I appreciate any light that could be shed on this for me. I hate the gamecube controller for tvc, I don’t want to screw up moding my te, or let my sfae stick I found new in a sealed box a few weeks ago to goto waste.

just buy one. game elements on ebay 5 bucks works on orginal xbox too

^ gonna vouch for the game elements converter as well. works like a charm.

Thanks for the quick info. Now if I could find that converter…lol. Nobody seems to have it

any of these will work follow this thread

PS2 to GameCube/Wii

Cube JoyBox Pro by Mayflash: These are the most commonly recommended converters for GC. They work with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on Wii.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, PS1 Digital, HRAP 1, HRAP 2/SA, MAS, Namco PS1, Tekken 5, SFAC 3.5V, SFAC Controller
Incompatible with:

Magic Path II by EMS: These apparently work equally as well as the Cube JoyBox. They’re also reported to work fine with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, HRAP
Incompatible with:

Game Elements (eBay): This is the converter I’ve happily used for years. It works great on the GameCube/Wii as well as the Xbox. ArcadeStickMonk used it as well.
Compatible with: PS2 DS, PS1 DS, SFAC 3.5V, HRAP 2 SA, MAS
Incompatible with: PS1 Digital (works on Xbox) SFAC 8V, Tekken 5 (Works on Xbox), SFAC Controller

Any specific eBay sellers have the the Game Elements converters in stock? I can’t seem to find it.

Edit: Is it this one? LINK

Yep, that’s it.

Will definitely vouch for these. I bought 2 when TvC dropped in Japan and they have worked flawlessly since.

I have the Joybox – was there a revision or something? Because it refuses to work with anything other than a Sony Dual Shock 2. My HRAP1 and Fighting Commander 10B refuse to work with this device.

Chech the trading outlet. they often have ps2-gc/wii

This. Most compatible converter.

I swear, this is the one I have. I can’t find any information on whether there is another version of this or not. But try as I might, the only thing that worked with this was a standard Sony Dual Shock 2. I’m wondering if there was an item/firmware revision with this converter or something, or is there something I have to do for it to work. I have the HRAP 1A – and it just does not work.

Edit: Apparently, there seems to be a version that does not have “DDR Support” as I suggested. I’m going to try this one from the Play-Asia this time around; hopefully this one will work.