Is it possible to make an arcade stick compatible on all platforms?


Forgive my noobiness, But i have a wii, a 360, PC, and was thinking if i get into tourny’s they usually play on PS3’s… so i was curious if it is infact possible to make one stick compatible with all platforms if you have the correct wire connections.




Do you mean all consoles that ever existed? Or just the ones you have? It is possible if you do a triple mod to get an arcade stick to work with many systems. In theory if you can find a common ground controller pcb for each system you could n-tuple mod n number of common ground boards together.

Typically a MC Cthulhu + Xbox 360 RJ-45 mod will take care of most systems in use today.


As long as you have space, as rtdzign says, it’s possible to cram as many PCBs as you want in there.

If you make a project box stick, you can make it for all systems, you just need to make a box for each system.

If you look into UPCB, it is an open-source project to make all PCBs into a single stick.

For what you have, though, MC Cthulhu and xbox 360 with Imp and RJ-45 will suit all of your needs.


What if he wanted Wii and not GameCube?
Then would add the PiiWee also.


to get you started my friend