Is it possible to make an arcade stick using a PS1/PS2 analogue stick? Has this already been done?


Is it possible to make an arcade stick using a PS1/PS2 analogue stick? I’ve searched around and can’t seem to find any information on this. I’m thinking about stripping a ps2/ps1 pad, mapping the buttons to one of my old stick and adding some height to the analog stick to make it look like a reguar arcade stick, has anyone done this before?

I ask because whenever I occasionally use the analogue stick when playing Super Turbo or Alpha 2 it seems far more responsive than a pad or regular micro-switch arcade stick, I can pull off really complex movements more consistently. The only issue is the reaction speed when using the anologue with my thumb because the throw from neutral to any direction is too wide, that’s the only disadvantage.


There was a actual Analog joystick in production at one time. Seimitsu used to make the LS-64
The LS-64 works on the exact same principals as a Analog Thumbstick from a PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 Dual Shock and the MS Xbox 360 and Xbox One Game pads. They all use potentiometers for the X and Y Axis.
Only thing you will lose is the downward press Button (L2 and R3) from the analog sticks.

As for Street Fighter is concern, I highly disagree that the Thumbstick analog from a gamepad is any more responsive (thus superior) to a traditional Joystick.
There no actual fighters that ever took advantage of any analog controls. Fighters only identify a max of 8 directions, all 8 are possible with a normal digital joystick.

Also in before Smash, as Smash isn’t a Fighter.


Possible? Yes, anything’s possible.
Note that the analog cubes from a controller were not meant to support a long joystick shaft; the extra leverage you get from the longer shaft will likely break something. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the stock analog cubes could physically support the extra weight of a shaft + balltop/battop.

More reponsive? Unlikely.
There’s no way a variable resistor that can have the PCB recognize and evaluate a variable voltage drop is more responsive than a microswitch with (essentially) an instant on/off.
But to each their own. It’s unlikely to be more responsively, but it may just be more suited to the way you play.

Keep in mind that just because it feels better when using your thumb on the analog stick does NOT necessarily mean that you’ll reap the same benefits when using your entire wrist/arm when you scale it up.


I was told that the LS64 works completely different to a analog stick, but I’ll buy it anyway. If I can get my hands on one.

Ok, another alternative to what I would like is a analog stick with less travelling distance. I definitely can’t find that and I have no idea why companies don’t make one.

FreedomGundam, it’s worth a try. Secondly microswitches aren’t as responsive as direction presses on a dpad, especially when pushed rapidly. I’ve tested this a few times on arcade cabinets.


The closest retail product I can think of is the Madcatz Xbox Arcade Joystick thing. I never actually held one, but it did seem like they just attached a massive lever to an analogue stick.


I used to see this stick getting modified a lot back in the day. What exactly was it for? I can’t see it being too efficient for fighters because of the button layout.

 It's now definitive that Tactile switches are faster then Microswitches? It maybe a good time to make these forums read only lol.  

 But to be clear, you can feint Sagat's Standing RH consistently in SFIV if you a "slap" your middle finger directly followed by your index finger.  Arcade buttons and joydticks do require a level of execution do get the most precision and fastest actuation from them. 

Yea the forums will need a resurrection at some point if not for the help for future gen of arcade hobbyists.


It was a cheap Hybrid of a Atari 2600 controller and a Xbox 360 pad used for ports of old arcade games
and the controller came pre-bundled with those arcade games.


Seriously? People would mod them to play fighters? That’s crazy, I wasn’t aware of that. I’d assume that was probably when it was a lot harder to buy a full-size stick.


You’re confusing two separate things.
I’ll agree that a JOYSTICK is not a FAST as a D-pad when tapping things, I notice that too when I play games (for example, MK-style moves [F F HP] are much easier on a D-pad than a stick).
But a MICROSWITCH should never be worse than a rubber dome contact.
“Speed” does not equal “responsiveness”.
And I thought you were talking about using the Analog stick, not the D-pad?

People didn’t mod this “stick” the way you’re thinking.
People modded it by gutting the PCB and putting it into something else, like a custom casing. Sure the PCB was large, but it was easy to solder to and fully functional.


Ooooh okay, so it was just used for padhacking. That makes a lot of sense actually!


I was legit going to test an analogue stick wired to a brooks, I will let you know how it pans out

Edit: Can confirm analog sticks read. I’m using an xbox analog stick and a brooks ufb.
Seems that the way they work (or at least the one) is a potentiometer for each axis, dunno if you could custom build that in a more useful size, but if you do definitely show it off.


Grab one of those grey ps1 flight sticks, or those yellow ones for the digger game


Have you got an arcade stick to test it against? Is it more responsive? Take a picture of your analog stick if you can.