Is it possible to make the square smaller on seimitsu ls 32 gate?

I love my seimitsu ls 32 (thanks but i would like to know if there is a way to make the joystick stop where it activates. The joystick activates way before it hits the gate, and I play riding the gate at all times. I think my response while doing moves would be improved if i could make the gate smaller or if there was a smaller gate. Anyone know if there is such a mod/gate if not, is there a place that makes one off gates?

You can try making the shaft larger rather than modding the gate. Some people wrap their shaft in electrical tape or shrink tube them.

yeah you can put electric tape on the actuator

yeah, i guess i can try that. i tried it on my sanwa and it would lock the directionals sometimes (stayed crouched/moving forward ect). But for some reason, the inputs on the seimitsu feel more sensitive then the sanwa so it might just work… ill try it when i get home, hopefully ill still be able to hit them diagonals after the mod. ill keep yall updated on the results.

yeah, it worked okay, but its not really the effect i was looking for. this mod decreases the dead zone, but not the throw as a smaller gate would. meaning, it activates directions quicker, smaller deadzone, but i need the deadzone to have a little give when i jump forward or diagonals. because now it activates at a weird too early feel and makes me jump up when i want to jump forward- its kinda hard to explain. i think a smaller gate would be a better option if at all possible and would balance the controller out for me. if anyone could make me a one off, or tell me where to get one i would gladly pay a premium for it (5-10 bucks plus shipping?) anyone know where i could get this? or even a way to make one( shouldnt be that hard) let me know. thanks.

Hmm try taping it to the part of the actuator where it hits the gate…not the microswitch

welp good news and bad news, good news is the mod ‘probably’ worked, bad news is ill never know cause in the process of getting that goddamn lock washer off for a second time my screw driver slipped and ran accros the pcb. now left and down dont work :confused: DOH! im not sure if i can draw on the leads again to fix it or if ill have to get another ls 32, but its too late for me to worry about it right now. imma get some bed and try to fix it tomorrow, if it cant be fixed ill have to get another one cause i got too many exchangeable tops for it to not use em. goddamn that lock washer, goddamnit :annoy:

Try an LS-40-01.

yeah i might just get a ls 40 01 to see how it feels compared to the ls 32. Ill just sell it off if i dont like it. Update on the jostick, i got it working. Heres what it looked like yesterday, and all fixed up today:

Another quick update. After i got everything working again, i finished the mod. Instead of taking the lock washer out the bottum, i just unscrewed the gate and it revealled the whole actuator. I applied tape on it (didnt measure) and now it feels real good. And for some reason that lil clicky feel is not nearly as noticeable with the tape on, maybe cause some of it is on the lock washer? i dunno, but it feels a lot better with the tape on. Now alls i gotta do is figure out if i like the bat/ball top more and stop switching them out all the time- i swear, my controller is disasembled more then it is put together.-

shoulda just got used to it. once you do you wont be riding the gate at all because you don’t need to. bypass th busted pcb and wire directly to th micro switches. you didn’t murder the stick, just the pcb it sits on