Is it possible to mod and rebalance MvC2?


I was wondering if there was any way anyone could mod MvC2 to attempt to rebalance the game or if it has been attempted before. I always thought it would be neat to see a project designed on opening up the rest of the roster and make them playable.


And Why?..


IIRC, there was a MvC2:HDR planned for after SSF2T:HDR, but SSF2T:HDR spiraling out of control killed that official rebalance project.

People have figured out how to edit move aspects / durations, etc, but it’s a pain in the ass project and you’d have to consolidate everyone on the new version after finishing the rebalance. Changing damage values and timings here and there really probably isn’t going to give you the hack rebalancing you want.


It’ll be like SSF2T:HDR, USF2…

Meaning that people will go back to the OG MVC2 anyways…


Thanks for the reply Preppy.

That’s sort of what I figured as there weren’t a ton of “hacked” versions of MvC2 out there if anything outside of palettes and music on the DC and a few I’ve seen that altered damage.

As for why @Jion_Wansu, I already said why- some of the characters are unplayable, some are also just one or two tweaks from being an actually good/ powerful character. I don’t think the game should be overhauled, but I do think that it would be a fun project. Even tweaking 5 characters would open up the team options immensely.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the game as it is now. I’ll play it all day everyday.