Is it possible to re route the wires for one button?


My medium punch button is going dead on my hori ex2 :frowning: is it possible to switch the wires from a button i never use to the medium punch button (eg. select button with x button?)

Sorry if im not too clear. help is appreciated


If it is just the micro switch in the button you can easily replace that, I’m not sure but the ex2 might use sanwa obsf-30’s if so, you can just swap the micro switch and be done.

If you wanted to try to swap the micro switch from the select button or something else, you might spend more time looking to make sure they are the same part first.

Also, I saw another similar thread where a comment was made to the reliability of the pcb… it could be the culprit and might need replacing.

Either way, please see this thread for more info. (the pictures aren’t all there, but the information appears good)


Yeah it’s possible, but if your BUTTON is going dead, then you’re better off just buying a new button and replacing the dead one. If you “switch wires” to the select button, you’ll have to hit select every time you want to hit medium punch. Make sense? One thing to keep in mind is that EX2s have fragile PCBs and aren’t exactly the most moddable stick. That being said, it’s still doable.


thanks alot for the help guys very appreciated :slight_smile:


make sure you check whether or not its the board or the button. High chance its the button though because its stock hori

Also since its an EX2 your going to be doing some soldering work

Look at #3 to determine whether its button or board sorry if there’s no pictures for that (i should do that sometime)