Is it possible to replace parts and components for a laptop?

I’m running on my laptops battery power as I type this, as this is really urgent, so I wonder if it’s possible to replace parts and components for a laptop. The AC cord for my laptop had small tears, and would only power up my laptop when I turned it at times. The AC cord eventually tore up enough so that I couldn’t power up my laptop using it. Not to mention, it constantly released sparks, and some a minor flame or two, so I had to get rid of it.

Is it possible to replace the component parts of my laptop such as the AC cord?

If the cord coming from the power pack is busted then you’ll have to replace the whole thing as the cord is attached to the pack and cant be replaced.

If it were the AC jack itself then even that can be replaced with the right tools and know how.

Yes, if all thats wrong is a bad power cord, you should be able to EASILY order a replacement cord from whatever company made your comp(dell, gateway, etc).

Just go on the site, look for your model laptop, and search around in the accessories section. Or you could call them up & order one that way.