Is it possible to request a design for a joystick?

I’m thinking of getting one of DF’s custom joysticks with my first check that should run me about 200. However, I kind of want a design of my own and it may seem egotistcal but I’m leaning towards basically a red backround with white lines possibly forming a graph like effect and a big picture of Jin: (of course the text and the old guy will be edited out as will the backround)

in the middle. Also on the front of the box have “Higher Jin” in gold font on a small black rectangle:

Higher Jin

At least everyone will know it’s my joystick. So what do you guys think of the basic idea? Think someone would be willing to do it if I’m going to order it? Is it shallow and pedantic?

i think it’s hot, but the problem is designing a joystick art with that pic… if i were to take it out of that pic, then when printed it would be about the size of a credit card… you see the problem? you would need to find a bigger picture, or it would look grainy, and very ass

another problem is that there’s a big thing in front of jin, and that would have to be taken into consideration as well.

m1x4h, that Demitri av is badass! drools

co-sign. so jealous.