Is it possible to set 3punches and 3kicks macros on Mame++ .117?

Please don’t start flaming me for this. I’m not trying to cheat, it’s just not practical to do balrog’s TAP with a PS2 controller. Were I using my stick I wouldnt even consider it.

That being said, how the hell can I get my PPPs and KKKs back??

Thanks in advance. I’m sure it’s possible. Something to do with the “custom” shit? <shrug>

You configure whatever you want the custom button set to in normal controls, then go back to the main menu. There’s a menu under controls called custom buttons. You go in there, highlight whatever button you want to configure, and use the 1-6 number keys to assign whatever function to the button. So let’s say if you wanted PPP, you’d hit 1+2+3. It’ll show you the buttons so you’ll be sure of what’s assigned.

Awesome, thanks!!!

Sorry for the bad question, but once you set the custom button in the normal key input config screen, and then map them in the custom button config screen, how do you activate them? Also, could you tell me how to clear the custom button config screen? Selecting and pressing escape like in the normal config screen doesn’t do the trick.

(Basically I’d like to set 3punches to L2 on my Ps2 controller)


I haven’t really used MAME much before, sorry. But if you know the answer, please share.

hit the button

It doesn’t seem that simple. The custom buttons are mapped to keys 1, 2, 3, etc , so they are already taken by player 1 start, player 2 start, and so forth. So pressing 1 (as in the #1 on the keyboard) just hits player 1 start, and not the PPP. It appears that you can only map custom buttons to numbers as well. I tried pressing/holding 1 during a match since it really shouldn’t do anything (as you are already playing) thinking that now that Start doesn’t matter, the other keys should work. No dice though - I don’t think they are activated by pressing the number keys. I didn’t even get one punch to come out of the 3.

for keyboard it will be setting lp to u and y
mp to i and y
hp to o and y

you get the idea

I may be being thick here, but I didn’t quite understand what you were referring to Heat. I understand how to set the commands in the normal config menu, and then to map them to one of the 1,2,3 keys - what I don’t understand is how to get those keys to actually work in game. They don’t seem to do it for me. Has anyone else had some success mapping 3 punches to a key?

Not to be rude or anything but I think you should just get MAME32k for ST since 98% of the people that play ST us that emulator. Most people use .117 for the CPSIII games.

Use your brain dammit.
If the macro is 1+2+3, it means it will press CPS SHOT 1+SHOT 2+SHOT 3 when you press the macro button, not the buttons in your keyboard.

Come on now. I am not really on to things yet here. I am not sure what you meant by CPS SHOT 1+SHOT 2+SHOT 3. What other buttons are there except keyboard buttons? I think I am missing something here.

Arcade buttons:

CPS SHOT 2= Strong
CPS SHOT 3= Fierce
CPS SHOT 4= Short
CPS SHOT 5= Forward
CPS SHOT 6= Roundhouse

Mame buttons:

1= Jab
2= Strong
3= Fierce
4= Short
5= Forward
6= Roundhouse

In the macro screen, 1+2+3 means 3 punches.

I hope you understand what I mean…

Thanks alot Bigode - from your post I was able to infer that I had it backwards - I was thinking that the official custom button dialog (on the top level menu) was letting you know what keys activated your macros, rather than being the box were you *input *your macros and have them actually *mapped *to a key in the Input (this game) dialog. Thanks!

Feel welcome.

Thanx for the tip folks, I would never have thought pushing the number keys on that damn custom screen :smiley:

It’s easier just to do this:

Set the button once, then immediately set it again.
It’ll say Button 1: Numpad 4 or Numpad 5
Just set the button after “or” to be the same one for all 3 punch keys.