Is it possible to still find candy-cab style arcade sticks or cases? Preferably compatible with PS4


Like this:

I like this style a lot better than the vewlix style arcade sticks out lately.


Those are custom mods made by @hibachifinal
he is a good modder and Artist. I am sure he might be willing to work something out for a price.


Those cases are hrap, hrap 2, hrap 3 and hrap ex cases, I believe you can the enclosure in black, white, blue and green

You can pick up the hrap 3 sticks, they will work as legacy on supported ps4 games, you can get plexis from art for changing the top panel layout

Last time I checked he did plexis to from 8 to 6 buttons, you can choose to have the guide panel cut or not, and even whether you want start and select cut or not

He used to even have a complete plexi replacement panel builder to replace the metal panel with a layout of your choice

Check out arts hobbies / tel innovations