Is it possible to use a jlf without a gate?


hi all very recently the gate on my joystick broke so im just wondering whether i can use it without a gate while i wait for a replacement to arrive or if im going to have to just wait for my replacement


How did you break a JLF gate?

You must have noticed by now that the gate is needed to secure the microswitch pcb in place.


well to be specific part that holds the insert in snapped when i dropped it




i havent got a working camera currently i guess a better question would be is it possible to use the joystick without a gate insert while still keeping the gate itself on to hold it all together




and theres no risk of causing any damage to the stick by doing this?


Show me a pic and I’ll be able to confirm that for you.


as i said before i do not currently have a working camera the question is just if someone were to remove the gate insert would it be possible to use the stick without causing damage


As I said before you can’t expect anyone to give you a confident diagnosis without seeing a pic as your description of the damage is too poor to form a judgement.

What is this “gate insert” you keep mentioning? Without a proper, technical description of the damage or pictures then this thread is meaningless.

when i say gate insert im referring to that


Still not enough information. Is it the circle insert that is broken or the parts of the gate that hold it in place?


the parts that hold in place


Wouldn’t recommend it, dude.


ah ok guess ill just have to wait for my replacement to arrive thanks for the help man