Is it possible to use a switch to change button layouts?

I plan on making another stick for myself in the near future, but I’ve been trying to think of a way to change the layout of the buttons. Basically, all i need is to have a switch so that two buttons would change. Is there any sort of switch that would allow me to do that?

Yes, Brydo has one in this post from the custom stick thread:

As for how to do it, well I have no idea but I’m sure someone around here knows.

So one switch that switches two buttons around when flipped? If its a common ground pad, a DPDT switch will do that.

i just looked it up, is that the one with 6 connections? how would i go about wiring that?

and i take it since you asked, that only common ground pcbs will work?

thanks for any help

Well, the pcb has to have a common of SOME sort. If its an old matrixed 360 board youre screwed, but any common ground board will work, or even the new common high xbox360 wired pad.

Pictures would be better than words here, so the wiring goes like this:
If the DPDT is one way, it connects the upper left pink line to the red switch, and the lime line to the purple switch. If the DPDT is the other way, it connects the pink to the purple and red to the line.

damn that was mad helpful, thanks a lot toodles.