Is it possible to use an Xbox 360 stick on PS3?

EDIT: Found it no need to post.

Not unless you mod it.

Well I kinda meant what would I use to mod it? Correct me if I am wrong but Toodle’s PCBs don’t work for Xbox 360 to PS3.

The Cerberus is a popular option.

TE Rd1, Rd 2, MvC 2 sticks is recommended to use the TE Kitty for a solderless option.

SFxT V.S. (Can use Kitty also), SFxT, EVO, Sanrio Pro stick, Tekken Tag 2 Madcatz Stick, SCV Madcatz stick is recommended to use the Cerberus board for a solderless option.

There is a mini board of the Cerberus that requires a lot of soldering but is cheaper than the whole board.

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