Is it possible to use Wii TvC stick on 360/PS3?

Whether of it being a converter or a dual mod, is it possible?

I used to use the old KO Fighting Stick (Hyperkin) for my PS3, but after using the TvC stick, I really would rather just play with that and say “Bye” to the KO Stick.

Know any good converters that could work Wii Attachments to other consoles?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, just check here:

After looking through the thread, I didn’t really find anything that’d let me use Wii Attachment stuff with PS3 or 360.

You would really have to Dual/Tri-mod with a PS3/360 PCB. I recommend Toodle’s Chimp/Cthulhu PCB for PS3 and AkiharabaShop PS360 PCB for both 360 and PS3. Just refer to the previous thread that I posted in the comment above. It Helps a lot ^_^. Wii Classic Controller to PC USB Adapter: Video Games
Mayflash adapter. Bought it, use it, its great. Has input for two wii controllers. Use them with my TVC sticks all the time. Works with PC and PS3. I haven’t noticed any lag and from all the threads I’ve read on SRK no one else has either.

The Mayflash adapter is easily found around the web.

If isn’t your suit, Play-Asia also carries it. It’s under the PC & Mac section, sub-category joypad converters…

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I’ve just done a pair of Wii TvC sticks to convert them to running as XBox360 sticks - you need to do a bit of soldering, but other than that, it’s eminently do-able. I’m not even that great at soldering, either - so it’s not hard!