Is it pronounced Ree-you or Rye-you?

A long time ago, my friend and I were playing SF Alpha 2 when, at one point, he selected Ryu and, upon hearing the announcer’s voice, commented “he’s saying it wrong, it’s supposed to be ‘Rye-You’” I argued that it was pronounced like Ree-you because that is how I’ve always remembered hearing it. He attempted to counter that argument by saying that the announcer “speaks differently” and provided an example where the announcer pronounces Dan like ‘Don/Dahn’. I don’t know how it happened, but the argument got heated and turned physical.

But anyways, since you are a wise bunch, I thought I would resolve this once and for all. Which is the correct pronunciation, or can either pronunciation be used interchangeably?

It’s pronounced like the “ryu” part of “Shoryuken”.

It’s Ree-you, or Ri-yu actually.

Your friends logic is skewed slightly.

Yes the announcer might speak differently but if the announcer is Japanese we can expect him to say a Japanese name correctly. (like Ryu’s) and an American/English name incorrectly (like Dan).

The name is Japanese, Ryu is Japanese; and it’s pronounced Ree-you.

Who the fuck cares.

FFS, man, that has surpassed all other dumb fights over fighting games (e.g. tick throws). :wtf:

Yeah. Looking back, it was a really dumb thing to fight over, even for a 10 year old. Me and that friend used to get into lots of fights over stupid stuff.

I’m considering a fight over this thread.

on this topic, who actually hears hadouken or shoryuken or whateverthehurricanekick is whenever ryu says it (in sf2)?
to this day it sounds like hayuget and haryuget and asetsetsaruget to me :\

This made me LoL in real life. :rofl::lol::rofl:

That’s because you aren’t Japanese, these names only sound right when you “think” like one.

It’s pronounced Rai-yu nigga not Ree-yu!!! socks friend

On some real shit, I wanna know what the fuck he says when he does the hurricane kick in SF II.

Obviously it’s pronounced “Roo” like in KangaROO. I asked over twenty Japanese exchange students just to be sure.

What is this thread doing in here?

Wasting bandwith.

let’s not forget that the japanese “R” requires you to move your tongue to the top of your mouth before you say it like an “L” just to make matters even more confusing.

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Spelled as “Tasmak sempuo kiacu”, or something close)

I guess this should go here:

Ken: Yattaze!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: