Is it racist?


“Cunt ass black lady.”

I think black is used as kind of an insult, like when you call someone a dirty mexican. My Friend says “cunt” is an insult and black is just descriptive. What do you think?


ocelot is a racist term used for big cats.


if when hearing “cunt ass black lady” you think “black” is part of the insult then it says more about you than the person actually dropping that insult imo.


I think I’m with the cunt ass camp. Black really is just a descriptor in this situation. I refer to black people as “black lady” and “black guy” when I’m not insulting them. Adding “cunt ass” before it does not make the word “black” an insult.


Depends on who you’re talking to.

If you call a dude a “cunt ass black lady” then the “lady” part becomes offensive.



i dunno, if i said something like ‘stupid ass mexican’ when im driving and one of their broken down 1970s pickup trucks cut in front of me, i’m at least saying the mexican part with derision and scorn…


He is highlighting the fact that she is black then yeh.

offtop but somewhat related. I remember when I watch JJ Abraham’s Star Trek, McCoy says to Kirk “Pointy eared bastard” to describe Spook. I asways felt that was racist, because McCoy’s character is using Spook’s racial difference as an insult.


including color is just a dick move. All cunts are created equal.


That is absolutely false.



My asian wife’s is slanted


Not necessarily racist, but once you start insulting somebody any descriptives you add in will likely be interpreted as part of the pejorative.

It’s fairly reminiscent of when Don Imus called the mostly black Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos.” If society were more rational, I’d have thought he’d get more flack for the “hos” instead of the “nappy-headed” comment, but Imus got hammered for being racist first, and probably sexist. Also lost in that controversy was that Imus and his partner called the Tennessee team “cute” and they had 8 black women on the roster.


Freudian slips ftw


Nope not racist at all, because you are describing a race.

It would be racist if you said

“cunt dark ass lady” or “cunt colored ass lady.” < See these two examples you are not even acknowledging the black race. Which is a direct slap to the face.


I was rushing to post before I headed out. You know what I meant lol Spock


lol is Spook a racial slur? Thought that was what you called a spy?

Ninja edit, lol I had no idea that was a racial slur for a black person. I’m black and never heard that said before


nappy-headed is an insult as is hoes so your argument about what’s rational doesn’t work, if he called them “big black hoes” then it’d be more open for interpretation.


I’m not saying he wasn’t being racist. I’m just saying there should’ve been more outcry for his derisive words about women first, then “nappy-headed” second. I don’t want to defend Imus, he deserved to get canned, but if he is calling one black team (8/10 were black) “nappy-headed” and the other black team (8/11) “cute” then maybe the first thing we should recognize is that he’s disrespecting women. I feel there was a lack of realization among the talking heads who made a big deal about this that Tennessee was pretty much just as black as Rutgers, minus their head coaches (Pat Summitt white, C. Vivian Stringer black).

EDIT: I guess I also find the word “ho” more insulting than “nappy-headed,” because “nappy” itself isn’t an insult, nor is “-headed.” Calling a woman a “ho” is almost never neutral or complimentary. I’m not disagreeing with the gist of what you’re saying, I was just kind of shocked there wasn’t more backlash for the use of the term “hos.”


i knew it was a slur, but ive never figured out wtf it meant…but never cared enough to look it up.


Whoever said this line is pretty ignorant. Not necessarily what is said, but how it’s said doesn’t make much sense. What does “Cunt ass” even mean?


i mean there was lots of dialog about “why is it okay to call black woman hoes?” so i think it’s more likely that you just weren’t paying that much attention. and just for your personal reference, calling someone “nappy-headed” is an insult…even if the subject’s hair is nappy as hell. like if someone referred to “slant-eyed hoes” there’d be some s’plaining to do.