Is it racist?


I think this is pretty racist: [media=youtube]hPfK9Dk21-8[/media]

Also. Black is descriptive in that sentence. Depending on your sensitivity level, you may find being classified as a black person by a non-black person racist…which to me has always been the most retarded shit…but then again so is the “I can say nigga but you can’t, cracker” argument.


I mentioned that the “ho” part was secondary (I thought it was more offensive, if anything), and Imus deserved to get canned. But I thought the headlines and quick blurbs were a bit misleading. My main point is not that “nappy-headed” isn’t offensive, but if he’s calling one black team “cute” and one black team “hos,” then the first correction that needed to be made about Imus’ on-air personality was the way he talks about women.

The outcries against Imus came mainly from race-relations groups, much more than women’s organizations. I pulled 3 random articles from a Google search (don imus rutgers) and all three addressed the racial aspect first, pulling quotes from the NAACP, National Association of Black Journalists, etc. reported that Imus was fired “over racial slurs” on their headlines (it should be noted, too, that CBS radio was his employer and fired him). If you do a quick ctrl-f on the Imus wiki, the word “racist” appears 7 times, “sexist” once. So I have little doubt the “ho” aspect was downplayed in favor of the race.

People seem more racially sensitive than they are about other -isms. If I yelled “cunt ass black woman” in a crowd, I think I’d get more in trouble for the “black” part than calling the woman a “cunt.”


Bringing in race is a no no. But if you wanna use “cunt” in your insult try this next time “cunt faced whore.” Then you can go around callin bitches “CFW’s” and no one knows what you’re talking about but you and your friends. You can always break it down barney style and spell it out if you gotta.