Is it really hard to get a job in the USA these days?


I’m this close to graduating, and i’m already thinking of where to go after i graduate. Going back to the United States was a settled plan for me, however, my relatives and old friends that i’ve chatted with have said that it’s seriously difficult to get a job these days in the USA (all of them reside in New Jersey to New York). I’ve also been getting suggestions from companies in other countries such as Japan, HK, Singapore, and Australia (which are pretty good graphic design and animation companies). However, my interest is still the USA (California mostly). I just want to know if this whole employment issue is a nationwide problem or not as accurate to how my friends and relatives described. If it is true, how long do you guys assume the United states will be in this condition?


It is not hard to get a job as long as you already have a job, or have good job experience. If you have neither than yes it is hard.


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it really matters where you live, but, yes it is.

I was living in the inland empire during college and the unemployment rate was 12-13% or something insane there. I could’nt get hired at a bank the three years I was there, and after putting 35 or so applications over that time.

I managed to get two “college time” jobs but that was after being lucky enough to get an interview and then nailing the four screenings they put me through. One of them was only because it was during a “hiring fair” that was only at that time a year.

Sadly though, I blew an interview for another really good job about a year later. So, in answer to your question. Its not hard to get a job right now, its hard to get an interview, So, Nail it if you do.


i can’t get shitty job to help me pay through college. fuck the world


I can’t speak for Cali but in Nevada literally nobody is hiring right now. A lot of my family up in Michigan have just stopped looking altogether because nobody is calling.


Now is the time to start your own business! If you can make it through these tough times, you’ll have a totally rock-solid business model you could turn into millions once we get out of this recession. Good luck, future entrepreneur!



no its not. Mc donalds employees and Pizza delevery drivers are always being hired around here.


Depends on your field.

I love being in the food industry/ club nightlife

There are always openings. I think a chef/dj is one of the few professions where you can quit your job and have something else lined up within 2 weeks, given you have a chunky resume.


Um guys…it sounds like the OP is talking about a Career not a McJob that will barely support a 10 x 10 studio apartment.


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I would suggest going where the offers are. You could risk being unemployed or you can take advantage of the connections you’ve made already. Art fields can be pretty competitive and many struggle to even break into the industry. If you decide you dont like the country you’re living in it I think it would be easier after you get more professional work experience to move around. Good luck either way you choose.


The recession ended a year-and-a-half ago.


It’s extremely dependent on geographical locations right now it seems, you’ll obviously have more opportunities in larger cities. Graphic/web design friends of mine keep getting jobs and switching companies and going back and forth to raise their income but they all say the demographic in that field is like 20-30yrs old and then you’re screwed unless you can move over to the management side. new, fresh, trendy ideas required. since you’re just out of college maybe you fit that mold?

Start hitting up California design firms now. Most places that are thriving right now may not be “officially hiring” but it seems that any company is always in the market for good, solid potential.


Depends on your profession and resume.


Funny this thread popped up; I just got a call from a recruiter of a company I never applied to. He apparently got my old resume from the DOT where I previously interned at and wants an updated one. For me personally right now its hard to get a job because I don’t think I’ve built enough credentials. But finding job opportunities isn’t that bad, at least for my field of interest (engineering). I think if you got some good work experience, a nice resume, and a strong background, you’ll be able to play ball. Again though, difficulties vary depending on professions.


Depending is who you know…If you dont know anyone then you’re going to struggle finding a job…If you have family & friends then you’re pretty much in the door, just dont show your dick in the interview…


im a graphic designer in so cal. been looking for almost 2 years.

im currently employed at some shitty window manufacturing company “designing” their catalogs. trust, ive been looking. aint shit out here right now.

only reason why im still at this shit hole is cuz i cant find anything else. :shake:


You have a degree in something? If you do, you could find a job in your field but it may take a while. You could always move here, work a shit job until you find something in your field. That is, if you are set on coming to the US.


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