Is it really not that many Urien



for some reason it seems people don’t play Urien that much anymore. Am I the only one who thinks this.:wasted:


I don’t think it’s entirely true, I think it may seem that way because the not-so-serious players who picked him for fickle reasons stopped picking him.

I may also be that since the game has matured so well, people know how to counter his tactics, and as a consequence he’s a less attractive option.


Yeah I figured that but I still think he’s very effective he’s to cheap for people to stop playing. Shit everybody know shoto tactics but still catch it in the end run so what makes Urien so less effective than before.

I’m just trying to figure this out.


urien doesn’t get played much anymore because he has been figured out and isn’t really a threat to many chars in the game.

Unless he in the hands of some champion/pro like onanism or tokido and of course several others, who can play him with full strength mind games, an all out chariot or poking urien just won’t be strong enough for the likes of expert players with top tier chars like chun li and yun.