Is it really that unbalanced?

I’ve been thinking about picking AE up for the 360, but all the talk about the balance is making me pause.

I’m not by any means a “pro” player, but I played SSFIV when it came out last year and could hold my own. So is this worth the money? Or should I skip it?

Dont, just wait for Super Street Fighter IV: Hyper Arcade Tournament Edition. SSFIV: HATE will have Remy and Twelve added, as well as nerfing A and B tier and still some how buffing Fei… again

wait for Super Street Fighter IV: Hyper Arcade Tournament Edition, it will come out in 3 months or so and it will be balanced with 2 new characters.

You guys had me going for a second there.

they’re joking but there really is another patch coming up in December. This was leaked by arcade owners. In the patch twins are getting nerfed, Yun hit the hardest supposedly.

There a thread discussing this?

Keep the tears flowing guys.


should flag you for all caps, and plain ignornace, but since you’re a new member I’ll let it slide.

This was leaked from the mouths of arcade owners, also same people who called the leaks of oni and evil ryu. Also it’s very obvious because ONO is taking balance suggestions. I’m afraid I can’t give you direct source when it came from owners mouths.

thank you so much for forgiving my ignorance, oh thank you!

source or tits or lies, you lie.

Do not buy this game unless you support the chinese in their communism.

Clearly I did and boy when I realized, I was pissed.

First our stock markets, now our fighting games. It’s only a matter of time before they take the MMOs away from Korea.

It isn’t any more unbalanced than any other SF4 iteration.

People love complaining.

Let’s keep making threads about things being talked about in other threads.