Is it safe to assume that all Sony HDTVs are sub-1 frame lag?


Hi all. Whenever I’ve read or heard about Sony HDTVs, I’ve always read/heard good things. A friend of mine has a Sony HDTV and I played on his PS3 with that TV and there didn’t seem to be any lag. According to a thread that I’ve read here on HDTVs, a Sony HDTV was a few milliseconds above the next HDTV down so its clearly made to support proper gaming. But like I said, I am just assuming, so am I right in thinking this or are there only specific Sony HDTVs which are good and the rest are bad? Thanks.


It’s bad to assume anything at all. Best bet is to find solid data on input delay on specific models, instead of taking a few model’s results and blindly applying it to the rest of that manufacturer’s models.


The amount of lag varies a lot between different TV and monitor models, often even if they are the same brand. Sony HDTVs can be very laggy. I recommend testing it yourself if you can. Two sources of high value in relation to this topic would be the Sub 1 frame HDTV/Monitor Input Lag Database and The New Definitive HDTV Lag FAQ.


Sony makes a monitor specifically designed for gaming that comes with 2F of lag. Why would their HDTVs have <1F?


It is not currently safe to assume that any brand (Sony, Sharp, Samsung, ASUS, LG) or display technology type (LCD TN/IPS, Plasma, OLED) is fast enough for low latency gaming. Each display has to be tested. There is variance even among the same model year of a specific display between sizes available (e.g. 22" vs 24").