Is it safe to enable DMZ?

Hi I have comcast cable modem hooked up to a D-Link dgl 4300 router and I need to know if its ok to ENABLE DMZ in my router, I already have Windows xp service pack 2 on my computer so do I really need the router Firewall (DMZ) And my Windows firewall both running at once?

Cause I noticed that once I ENABLE DMZ my Xbox 360 (LIVE) hooked up to my router through Wired access runs a lot better if I “Enable DMZ”, but Ive heard some people say its very unsafe to ENABLE DMZ and other people said you just need Windows Service Pack 2 should be ok.

BTW my Nat is open but Xbox live still seems to lag that why I was wondering if Enable DMZ would be safe.

So I need some experts to help me out with this, thanks.

enabling DMZ is essentially putting a portion of your computer out on the internet. Thus if someone knows your IP address and they know that you enabled DMZ, they can fuck you up.

It really has nothing to do with lag, so turning it on isn’t going to make xbl lag free or anything like that.

For putting up a firewall to cover the dmz… thats just crazy. you open dmz just to block it again with a firewall. Just keep DMZ disabled.

That is assuming my knowledge of DMZ is still correct lol.

uhhh you should just forward our ports…dony know which ones for the xbox360

Assuming that you have assigned your 360 a static ip, simply forward the below ports to that ip address.

? UDP 88
? UDP 3074
? TCP 3074