Is It Safe To Say That Capcom Still Does Not Have Faith In Fighters Still?

From the excuse for not wanting to put out darkstalkers, the original sf4 vanilla netcode being cheaply made, ssf4 arcade version out months later after console version, and then the other excuse for not being about to put darkstalkers characters in mvc3 what do you think?

Nah dude.

Negative. Look at what’s on the horizon(MvC 3/SF X Tekken/SF III OE).

Street Fighter is Capcom’s “only” re-milkable cash-cow. If Darksiders was made, it wouldn’t sell more than any other SNK game.

No, Capcom doesn’t have faith in Lost Planet sequels. Nice projecting though, you should do bullet points

They got 2 fighters in development as we speak, sounds like faith to me.

EDIT: 3 even, forgot about 3s online

Those reasons make no sense in regards to the question.

They’re raking in cash from SSFIV, developing MvC3, SFxTekken, and rereleaseing 3S. That’s alot of eggs in one basket. The Darkstalkers thing is a strawman, since they haven’t released one since, like 1998. It’s safer to say they have no confidence in Darkstalkers. Or Red Earth for that matter. Remember that?

Megaman says hi. And Resident Evil. And Megaman X. And Final Fight. And Megaman Network.

Just say 2. How much development do you need for a game that is DONE, except for netcode?

That’s assuming all they’re doing is adding netplay to 3s.

Porting arcade ROMs to hardware/software it isn’t designed to use isn’t really that simple, especially with CPSIII.

Wow so because Capcom hasn’t fully supported a Darkstalkers sequel, it means that they don’t have any faith in fighters?

delete thread please. k thanks. op is clearly delusional. :woot:

SF4 netcode isn’t made for the States, its designed with Japanese internet connections in mind.


I think a more interesting question to ask is: “Have FANS lost faith in fighters?” It seems all a majority of the denizens here do is bitch about SF4/SSF4 and how it’s “ruinin da industree”. When I see posts like that, I kinda die a little inside. I think “Has THIS what the competitive FGC devolved too: A bunch of whiny 20-somethings with entitlement complexes a mile high?”

And then I look at the DS4 sig thread. What’s the point in asking for a game, if you know you’re just going to bitch about it upon announcement and eventual release?

It boggles my mind :(…

Man, go fuck yourself ya little twat. You’re a fuckin joke. The net code is literally made for their broad ban speeds. There is rarely any lag in their online matches. This was confirmed by the guy doing the translations of the Japanese blogs, who brought up how the netcode was more than ample for the Japanese.

i am glad it is more than ample for japan i forgot that sf4 was a japan-only release and not a worldwide one. anyway everybody the guy i am responding to is a smash baby who is a new user here so idk

Final Fight? You’re kidding right?

Everything else is true, though.