is it safe?

well guilty gear X is my favorite game and i would br playing it constantly but i am afraid of scratching the cd. because its an old game so i want to copy it on my HD but my freinds always tell me “rob you fucked up my game when you copied it”.
but my cousin whoose games i copy like every month has never mentioned any thing like that.
so my question is Does a ps2 hard drive screw up games when you copy them?

I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’ve copied plenty of games myself and never noticed a problem. Anything could be possible though.

cool ill copy the game today

It can’t hurt the disc anymore than playing it because the game gets treated the same during either process. Not if its a cartridge based system like a DS then it could happen but on a disc system like the Playstation there is no way.

Yeah, exactly.

I thought this thread title was quoting the googly eyed gremlin in Gremlins 2. </3

never forget.

Is It Safe Is It Safe Its Nevar Safe

is is secret?