Is it scrubby to spam lp dp in lagspike?


whenever i’m playing someone and there a lag spike i spam lp dp to see if i can catch them pressing a button. i got a hatemail early saying that was scrubby online only tactic

is it wrong to spam dp in lag


Who cares? If the game is in an unplayable state it invalidates it anyway.


It’s an online. You can do whatever you want. The results don’t matter, so why should the play matter? As long as you’re having fun and getting it done, go nuts.


why dont the results matter


This topic is going to go south real quick, I can feel it. This seems like a troll thread anyway.


Yes it is a scrubby online tactic

Online sucks though so who cares. It’s not like anyone else online is playing super smart and honest


In a real match, lag doesn’t exist, so how one deals with it is irrelevant. Unfortunately, lag does sometimes exist when you play online, but since the match doesn’t matter the tactics don’t matter either.


if lag’s that bad, then it’s not like you can play a good game anyway


do whatever works, its not like youre in grand finals of evo or will ever be


Scrubby? Yes.
A good tactic? Also yes.
Does it matter if it’s scrubby or not if you win? Not in the least.


LP? Yeah

Start using HP or EX instead


If the lag fucks up my inputs and it’s unplayable then I just put the controller down and do some other shit, it’s a waste of time to try to play in these conditions.


If they keep falling for it keep doing it.


Yes, you’re a scrub. Real men mash HP dp for maximum damage.


why stop at lp dp? dont be a half ass scrub. be a whole ass scrub

mash ultra.

or all the buttons. like your character is dizzy.


Needed to QFT this.


When there’s a lag spike I back off and whiff some jabs until the connection is playable again. Usually the opponent does the same. Common courtesy.


Some cunts continue and then upload it on YouTube. Then they turn off input to show you getting “pwned”.


The biggest scrub is the one who doesnt know how to deal with lp DP or bait it.

Go for it I say! Whats that saying: fool me once shame on you…


Fool me twice… Can’t be fooled again.