Is it shitty sportsmanship to end rounds with a Hayate Taunt?

I like to do it just because Makoto is so adorable, but it only now accured to me that it might imply hard feelings about the match.

If people looked at them as “personal actions” and not “taunts”. They wouldnt whine so much about them.

i like to do hayate-celebrate mid-round :confused:

there is no such thing as too many post-hayate mixups

edit: that taunt doesn’t give any special bonuses does it?

Theres no gameplay benefits for the Hayate taunt.

Except for the expression on your opponents face! :smokin:

I just do the post-hayate taunt when it feels appropriate, especially after a comeback. If people get offended by it, they’re taking themselves (and the game) too seriously, IMHO.

i lol’d

if i get taunted, just makes me want to beat them more. :confused:

I do it sometimes, but I save my taunts for when I

A)Stun them
B) Win the round

It’s just all in good fun for me. I don’t do it just to be an ass.

It personally hurts my feelings.

Just because you play Ibuki and she has low stamina, doenst mean you have to be a sensitive little girl. MAN UP! :mad:

I take that back then. I can’t miss a chance to taunt an Ibuki. :stuck_out_tongue: