Is it SKILL or is it CHEATING?

I’ve been playing fighting games on MAME32K and since I’ve started, I have seen way to many things I never remember seeing in an arcade.

Maybe someone here who has more experience with online fighting games can enlighten me.

Here are the things I see online that appear incredibly shady to me:

  1. People who throw over and over in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. It seems like they must be holding down auto-fire to do this. If you get close to them, they have already thrown you. I was playing a guy the other day and he would do GUILE’S air throw every single time I jumped. I mean, I would jump and GUILE would zip up and throw me everytime.

  2. People who obviously have the moves programmed. I believe they use Macros because they do the same moves over and over. For instance, I’ve been playing this guy off and on in SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO for awhile now and he only switches players on different days or sessions.

Like, 1 day he is only RYU or KEN. Another day he won’t play anyone but BALROG. Even when I beat him, he goes back to the same guy. Anyway, when he has RYU for example, he NEVER does a fierce Dragon Punch. It’s always jab Dragon Punch. He will throw a fireball and when you jump it, he does the jab Dragon Punch. He never misses it. Even with the obvious lag. I have personally seen him pull off Balrog’s and Guile’s Supers flawlessly. He also will use Zangief and somehow pull off the spinning pile driver mid punch. Like, he jabbed me and then goes into the pile driver. He did it 3 or 4 times.

Like I said, I have played this guy many many times and he only changes characters on different days which leads me to believe he has the moves programmed.

Incase I am wrong about this, I am not going to mention this players name since I know he uses this forum.

But, with the lag it just seems really shady to me

Who is this guy? That idiot Solo Marine? Anyway, I’m unsure how to prove autofire in SSF2T but it’s possible in other games (like KoF2k2 for example). If there is a move that can be delayed (by holding it), then if they use autofire, they can never delay that move even if they tried…

Edit: I don’t know much about SSF2T but I’m sure you can probably buffer that SDP from a jab. LIke, do hcb+LP, then back to up+P for the SPD. I don’t know if SSF2T uses shortcuts like this.

yeah solomarine is the guy who air throws everytime with Guile. The other guy, like I said, I have seen posting here so unless I know for sure I’m gonna keep it on the down low.

And yeah, I’m not questioning the ability to do these moves. Obviously if they are getting done, then they were programmed that way. I am questioning the players ability to pull them off consistently and in this case, flawlessly on kaillera which isn’t exactly state of the art. It’s like if you are playing COUNTER-STRIKE and someone seems to be getting mostly headshots. If they are able to do this day in and day out, you suspect they are cheating because it’s unlikely with all the different pings.

The kind of autofire that is hard to catch are the ones that set the delay high, mainly use them to get the quickest poke out of block stun. (ie. countering Rolento’s cr. RH after block) Easy Linking combos. (Guy, Gen). Maintain pressure from air to ground. (ie. after Sim’s drill, lands and immediately does cr. strong) Dan becomes quite a guard crusher even played by a newbie with autofire .

Doesn’t look like much, yet, these are the things that can decide matches.

Now I’m intrigued.

1)Constant throwing is just a way of life in the old school games. You think it’s bad in ST, try HF with no techs. I’ll admit I like to get throw happy at times, especially if the opponent can’t counter it. As for it being a sign of auto-fire, not necessarily true, as each opponent’s respective pings can have a drastic affect on the timing of throws + char throw priority etc.

2)I never do a fierce DP with Ryu or Ken, only jab dps as well. Some days when the East Coast servers aren’t lagging, I can pretty much nail everything…yet no macros, just a gold ol snes pad :karate: I too also love ticking to death with gief. :smile:

Regarding whether or not a person uses macros or autofire, I just follow my bro’s reasoning:

CDL, what server do you usually play on and do you play HF?


mame has no macros… at most he was doing autofire.

nothing else you say seems valid for cheating imo

Easiest way to see if the guy uses autofire is, challenge him to play you on Kawaks. Easy way to clear up ppl blaming you for using auto, too.


Wouldn’t turning autofire on Gen fuck up your combo since it’ll turn his punches into rapid punch, and make his dp.K useless? I find it pretty easy to spot autofire Gen since I almost exclusively use Gen, and usually ppl who have rapid fire coming out out of nowhere or can’t seem to get the three hit off the dp.K are almost always auto fags.


thats still somewhat unsafe, b/c kawaks DOES have macros. lol

The Kawaks custom macros dont work online tho

I played with Solo Marine way back I believe, and I think he is legit. He only used Guile against me, but he never got any airthrows on me, I think you just have a hole in your game. I don’t know if anything has changed, but nothing you’re saying alone is enough proof to me that he’s started cheating. The guy I played was affected by lag/delay, because we played in a few different servers (high ping for me at one, high for him at another, both somewhat high at another, the high/lows were one-sided for whoever had the advantage respectively, the double highs were a struggle for us both but I think I may have had just a tiny bit of an edge) Knowing him from playing him before, and knowing how he talks to scrubs, he just might have gotten into your head with his trash talking. I remember seeing him do that before, he’d challenge people and make fun of them. He tried it to me too, but we came to an understanding after playing. I think he’s a strong player fundamentally. I laugh when I saw people get pissed at him before, because he’s really not a bad guy. I guess he can be annoying to fight if you’re not in the right mindset, but if thats the case just don’t bother playing.

I don’t think macro use is as widespread as people try to make it out to be. Just don’t play people you suspect of cheating. Try to play people you know are good players only.

Honestly though, if you’re itching for old school SF, hit up ZNet/Zbattle, a lot of if not all of the guys there are legit, and there are quite a few good players. Kaillera isn’t really good for a serious old skool SF most of the time…you can try but the stars have to be aligned correctly…

If you do cr. lp lk mk hp, the only one that may risk have the slap showing is the hp, but just make sure don’t do it too early, then it won’t become slap. Requires a little timing but still far easier than w/o autofire.

And I’ve seen autofire Gen who abuse rising kick by doing this.

Do a dp hk, pause for 0.3 sec, then hold hk (let the 2 hits connect) land on ground, then do another dp hk, pauce, hold hk, land on ground, repeat… You get a theoractical juggle going there. Seen it done by autofire user “All american girl” one of Quinton’s other name when he isn’t playing Sak or Ken.

Hmph, that, I didn’t know. Though, there’s way better options to go from 3 hit off of dp.k, and delay cr.hp/mp sometimes give you counter-hit since the opponent sometimes tries to retaliate, so autofire is not exactly beneficial (unless its some noob who can’t even do basic alpha-chain.)

We had similar ping. I always get around 32. Plus, with everyone using “GOOD” even though they have low ping, it messed up your timing. More proof that people are using macros because I don’t believe anyone is gonna pull of some of the more complex moves in SSF2T as consistently as I have seen, without cheating.

Like I said with the guy I was talking about, he would take RYU and throw a fireball, if you jump it, dragon punch. I don’t care what anyone says, particularly on TURBO 2-3, you have to be incredibly quick and precise to do that everytime. I find it highly unlikely.

As for solomarine, he doesn’t just air throw. If I jump in for example, GUILE zips up and air throws. I started doing it just to see if I could break it and I believe it’s auto-fire.

um, nothing youve said really suggests that people are cheating, at all. Asking what others think is one thing, but when you argue with ppls answers insisting that what theyre doing is in fact “highly unlikely”, thats crossign the line.

Dragon punching after the obvious jump over a fireball or jumping up and air throwing is super human stuff? gimmie a break

One thing I’ve wondered about is when a match ends in A3 and you lose and don’t continue immediately, it goes into arcade mode and often times the multiple screens that come up (such as character introduction, and the before fight screen) just flash by really quickly. Or when you win the opponents remaining seconds to continue decrease to 0 REALLY quickly. Is this a sign of autofire? I know you can press the button again to skip the screen but I’ve seen it many times where this just seems to happen way to quickly. And think about it, if you’re playing in Kaillera and you expect your opponent to continue, why would you skip those screens at all? Just wait for them to continue, it’s usually gonna take no more than say 2 seconds if that.

Errr, I see nothing at all difficult about this. Just do qcf+P(fireball), then begin doing the motion right away for shoryuken(so when he sees you jump, he just needs to do the last direction + P and he will get the move out). This is extremely easy…

I don’t play turbo myself, but I’m guessing Turbo’s a single-botton, range based throw system? In that case, you can use the typical throw-buffer in your jump that, when you see an opponent jump, you hit up, go nuetral, press direction and hit any attack botton (that throws the opponent within throw range, or high-priority normal move comes out if not). Its a really basic technique for anyone who plays a game that’s got single botton throw (like GGXX or KOF), so unless I’m making a mistake here regarding game system, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to pull off air throw much less perform any other moves.

That’s a sign I look for. I’ve seen that with alot of players though, i’m not sure if that is actually an auto proof.
I don’t care if ppl use auto though, if they want to, so be it. It’s just funny when you know or find out that they do, and it’s reassuring if you lose ha.
In an arcade it would be much different(most likely a good portion of kaillera players wouldnt BE in arcade in the first place cause they use keyboards or pads instead of a stick).

I bet ppl want to question my 360/720s too.
I’ve been having alot of trouble with my parallel adapter lately(for the past couple days) though, and jabs seem to take place of roundhouses and vice versa. I’m struggling to get stuff out.

EDIT: What about FBA?
Is there any type shit ppl use with that, besides the triple punch or kick short cut?
The only problem i found with FBA was that it desynchs fast, and that fireballs go invisible in lag. But if it’s in some low ping(what you want to play in anyway), FBA could be tight.

Kawaks is good to use. It prevents any type of autofire. FBA is good too but like Slide said, its desynchs too much

I played solomarine last night for quite a while. I don’t think he’s using macros or anything. He didn’t air throw me once… tho I was using Gief most of the time.

People compain about lag etc, but personally I’m so used to ssf2t on kaillera good setting with about 40ms lag, that I can pull off 360 and 720 on my arcade cab very consitently. I duno what would happen in a real arcade tho with no lag! :rolleyes:

My panel is built off an older hardware version, but makes a keyboard encoder that can record macros also:

There’s also a couple commercial gamepads that can record and playback movements.