Is it still worth buying them?

Hey all, Ive been in the community for a while now (just joined a few months ago) and i was wondering something. Me and my friends have been playing fighting games for years now (more recently MK, KOFXIII, SSFIVAE2012, and SCV) but we have never been truly hardcore about it, just casual. So now after all the streams/matches/vids ive been watching im learning about stuff like cross-ups and mix-ups and footsies and what not. And now i wanna put this stuff into my fighting game but i dont own the games so that i could train in them, only one of my friends do. Not only that but he owns a PS3 and lives very far away and I have a 360. Im only interested in MK, KOFXIII, and SSFIVAE2012, but seeing as how they’ve been released for some time now, my question is whether or not at this point now, is it still worth buying them?

KOFXIII was only released last year and is still relevant. I’m not too sure about SF4’s longevity due to the upcoming release of SFxT which may be where the scene shifts to.

All of those are still relevant. SSFIV is still the main game at EVO, even with SFxT.

I was thinking of the long term future, but that is a valid point.

Yes, at least buy SSF4AE, it is only $20 new. And I seriously doubt SF5 will come out until the next round of consoles so the game will be played for quite a while. If you end up showing up at your local scene you can help out a lot by bringing a set up. Also check out the Tech section here and look up the thread about monitors with less lag. I brought my set-up to the Detroit Ranbats and someone told me how bad my TV lagged. I went home and grabbed a computer monitor I wasnt using anymore, bought a HDMI to DVI adapter and it had made a world of difference

k thanks yall :slight_smile: