Is it still worth learning Gen?



Long time stalker, newer poster here…

I have had SF4 PC now for almost a year now, and when I first started out, I was terrible, but I have slowly worked my way up a bit, until now when I really think I should choose a main and stick with it. And Gen is one of those.

Since I only own the PC version, I probably won’t be switching to Super unless it finally comes out or I decide to get a console that can play it.

Now, I really like Gen’s whole playstyle, and his look, but after hearing all of these horror stories about all of the top Gen players leaving him once Super came out, and apparently him getting nerfed bad…It’s kind of discouraging to try and learn him…

So, is he still worth trying to pick up and learn the ropes with him, and what exactly made him so bad in Super compared to his Vanilla counterpart??


He isn’t bad in either game. He’s worth learning in both tbh.


Well, lets be honest for a second.

Alot of people that have been whining so badly are not pros, you are not a pro I assume. With that said it is ‘worth’ learning any character that you ENJOY playing since at the end of the day that is what it’s all about. If you feel like being competitive is also a big part of your enjoyment of the game, then Gen may not be the best choice for obvious reasons discussed in many many topics in the past. I dropped Gen competitively because I really didn’t enjoy the amount of effort it takes to even become mediocre at the offline scene around here.

So: do you enjoy playing with Gen and his general playstyle (footsies, technical etc.)? It’s the only question that matters really.


If you’re playing vanilla then seriously don’t bother picking him up. He’s trash in super. I’d go with Honda, Bison or Balrog seeing as none of them have really been touched in super.


All “pros” don’t whine or talk about him anymore because they all dropped him. End of Story.


‘End of story’?

Roketsu (and some others, though they are not pros, unless you count high pp as pro haha) is very active on some japanese forums and blogs, he talks plenty. In America there are still some Gen players left (Keyboardcat etc). New players will come and go (especially in Japan I’d reckon) with the changes in the arcade version. Not to mention I was talking in the past tense.

EDIT: This doesn’t mean I think we need ‘pros’ to necessarily push Gen forward or anything, it’s just that progress has gotten pretty stale and these whole arcade version change news/rumors people some hope for more activity I reckon. ^^


I think Gen easily is the most awesome character in (S)SF4, and I really enjoy beating up randoms online with him.
BUT, I too have dropped him (for the time being) because I wasn’t really going anywhere competitively with him.
Sub-par reversal, and low damage output coupled with low health/stun = uphill battle all the way

Once a match I can nail my opponent with super -> ultra and win a round, but that’s generally it.


yea we in Oklahoma are starting to do ranbats and i use gen and did very well with gen. although maybe i got lucky because the people i fought was mixup pressure characters viper cammy and sakura. so they where rushing at me which i can handle very well.

still need to work on my footsies more and i need to stop jumping, i gotten better at not jumping but sometime the urge just pops up haha.

what i really need to work on is my aa, i can use crane aa very well but his mantis aa i can never seem to get out in time.

i tried to play ibuki but i dont like how she plays in sf4, waiting for one knockdown to start anything. i prefer the crazy ibuki from 3rd strike. so i have no idea what character i can play, i want someone with good pokes and dont have a fireball.


You must not use GEN

You are naming those cheap characters that are way to easy to learn and use. GEN on the other hand require skill and time to master. :annoy:


I believe it is worth learning Gen.
Watch, Yeb will be back when Gen gets buffed. and when he does, I will kick his ass with my own Gen.

The truth is, Gen has everything a character needs to win.
He never needed an escape move, but he did need a damage buff.
I seriously think he needed a damage buff, the way Gen was played imho was through counterhit moves and frame traps, which technically increase his damage output, but you honestly needed a lot of skill and mindgames to pull that kind of stuff off.
That kind of stuff is nearly impossible to pull off when you’re playing a pro.
That is why I believe Gen was never tournament-ready.
Though… When the next EVO comes out.

YOU WILL HEAR THE NAME “ZERODEMISE” and you WILL see him kick ass.
That’s going to be me =D


I just want to thank everyone for their opinions on this =] And while Gen was on my list of characters I would like to learn more and main, I’m afraid that position as gone instead to Vega(Claw)

I just really had fun with the way he plays, and while he may not be as amazing in Vanilla as he is in Super…I just really like his playstyle and attitude, and Tatsu’s EVO footage kind of incouraged me to try and improve my charge game.

With that said, thank you again Gen players =] You help keep the old kung fu master going, and quite say, its stunning what some of you can do with him =o


Honestly, I stopped being a Vega main to become a Gen main.
Gen can destroy Vega, easily. lol…


He’s a very worthwhile character to learn if you’re about fun and want something very challenging. He’s not the kind of character you’d want to use if you’re very serious about winning, but if you want to win, you have to outplay your opponent significantly and be more skilled then they are.


The only decent comparison is Sakura.

Gen is just like Sakura in terms of effort/reward. Except sakura is completely different, and I’m also not talking about execution only, but capitalizing, and knowing how to get in with her or punish certain things from far away (try Sak vs Dhalsim/blanka and see what I mean).

Uryo started playing Sakura, and he’s doing increadibly well with her. Granted, it’s Uryo… But it only comes to prove that a character, even though it’s clearly worse than the Top tier, can be played properly. If Stripfighter4 can win with Dan, and Vryu with Makoto, then Uryo definitely rapes with Sakura.

And Gen, when played by great players, with amazing execution, and gigantic patience and knowledge (specially regarding spacing and timing), can be very very rewarding.

Gen is low tier because his damage is low apart from Super/Ultra setups (and some combos into roll… his mk xx hands dishes out shit damage, specially compared to Chun or Honda), and has low stamina himself. He has amazing speed, brutal jumping attacks (that still get beaten by AA, and proper neutral/back jumping attacks), and is pretty versatile.

Also, if Cviper was VERY easy to use, she’d be top tier. I find it hilarious how people consider characters to be top tier simply because their potential is high/low. It’s not all numbers people. And actually, Gen’s are not anything decent when compared to the top tier.

Sosage will kick my ass if he sees me talking about Gen again. I’m going to hide now.


sakura has more damage, stun and an incredible reset game. I dont see gen having this.
Imo gen is unique in every term, be it gameplay, reward or game style.


That’s why I said she has absolutely nothing to do with gen. I meant she’s a low tier too. But just like gen, if played properly, she can be very rewarding. Not because she’s increadibly hard in terms of execution (I suck, and I can pull off her shit… Fei Long and Cammy are my tresholds of execution difficulty, being that none of them are too hard, to be honest), but because both gen and sakura (and makoto, and deejay, and dudley, and guy, and adon… Yes, I just put all these guys on the same tier… Though makoto is clearly below them, ahah), can reward you plenty if played well.

To scrubs, or people who simply aren’t used to playing against Gen (or don’t do their homework), Gen will always seem like an awesome character. He’s not low like Makoto, but he’s low if you look at the high tiers. He’s worse than Blanka/Gief, and Better than Guy/Deejay. He’s probably as good as Seth. Except Seth has a projectile, a relatively safe Ultra, and amazing versatility, along with awesome mixups. The lower stamina just balances that out. No idea how bad he’ll be in the Arcade Edition.