Is it still worth purchasing this game?


I’ve really been wanting to buy a new fighter once school ends, and the top games on my list are BlazBlue and P4U. I really love the art style in Persona, and the game looks great from all the gameplay footage and reviews, but I can’t help but feel as though the game is pretty unpopular. I would have to buy it for Xbox 360, I don’t have a PS3. Are there still people playing this game online? Sales figures say that this game only sold like 50,000 copies on Xbox, so I am kinda concerned that this game is already dead.


The scene is way more active on PS3, but 360 is far from a ghost town. The BlazBlue scene is also pretty active on 360, you just have to use player lobbies instead of ranked matches, and the players might be too good for you, but they’re always willing to teach. Capcom players have a weird definition of what makes a game “dead”, but IMO a game can’t be dead if you’re able to find competition 24/7.


Alright good. As long as I can find matches to play than I’m fine. There doesn’t have to be hundreds of other people playing, just enough so that I can get into a game whenever I feel like playing. I suppose on that note I should ask whether you would recommend P4U or BlazBlue? Or Guilty Gear, I’ve never seen it before but the trailer for Xrd sure did make me interested in that series.


Dunno how experienced you are in fighting games, but P4A is definitely the easiest and most active of the three. BBCSE is only like $17 though.


P4A is a pretty active game, and I think that will stay pretty constant for a while, as opposed to BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. With Chronophantasma and Xrd both coming out fairly soon, I would guess that older iterations of the series will become less populated. Both of those are going to be Playstation exclusives, as far as I know, so maybe the 360 versions of Blazblue will stay populated.

Anyway, welcome to the P4A community!


Yay for thread necro on my part!

Is p4a (ps3) still pretty active, a few months later? (i.e. were you right?) I saw it at gamestop for fairly cheap today, but I wanted to check here before pulling the trigger.


Kinda. BBCP is what most people have been playing, but P4A isn’t totally dead, and the sequel is right around the corner for consoles. I notice now that BBCP isn’t “really new” anymore, a lot of people have gone back to playing P4A or Aquapazza or whatever.