Is it the Buttons, the Game or Me?

So I’ve been practicing Kens Kara-srk for around 4 - 5 weeks on and off now and I’m getting there. I’ve probably got it to around 1/7-9 or something like that, which is good…I guess. But what’s bothering me is, I went to an arcade for the first time when I was in London a few weeks ago and I started trying kara-srks. Damn fucking hell, I missed it twice out of about 12 times I used it. What I can’t understand though, is why I can’t do that at home.

Now, my stick only has Hori stock buttons as I haven’t swaped them out yet, where as the arcade would have been using Sanwa. What I can’t tell is whether my lack of execution is because of my buttons, the fact I’m on PS2 instead of arcade, or whether I’ve simply lost track of the timing. I’d guess it would be easier to nail that timing using Sanwa buttons instead of bulky Hori stocks, but I can’t tell. Anyone got any insights on this?

The PS2 version (And I think xbox as well) is slightly faster than the arcade, making it harder to perform karacancels. Put it simply: if you master it on console, you will be able to do them left an right on the arcade.

And no, it isn’t your buttons. :wink:

That’s reasuring, thanks.

lol it could be the Trocs sticks or buttons both are well iffy lol as for the timing from what ive seen and practiced myself the timing is quite tight on the kara srk so it may well just be execution :sad:

I actually found those easier to use lol. I was wondering, because I have a lot more practice with it now than I did when I was at the troc and I found it so much easier to do there than I do now.

hey . is this UOH cancel into srk ?

^ whut?

You are like so lost it’s not funny…:razzy:

It’s c.fwd into srk. So if you land a jab uppercut midscreen, you can kara another jab uppercut to land it. Does more damage than shippu IIRC.

C.FwdxxJab.SRK, Jab.SRK is something that I don’t see alot of that you should. The only major USA player I’ve seen use this well is Franki3s.

You missed twice out of twelve times? Dude, that’s good. You shouldn’t be complaining when I have trouble doing a super.