Is it time for a new stick?

I currently have a Mad Catz TE that has been heavily modded, but have noticed the plastic starting to split. I want to look into a new stick before I am waiting for a new one to arrive (UK seems isolated in that market).
Skill and cash barrier are not a problem, and I’ve looked at all fight sticks and tek for custom. I’ve also considered just getting the latest hori but I hate the wire enclosures…

Any help is a thank you

what platform and games you thinking of using it on??

best place is this thread where there are similar questions and many contributors What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

Mainly ps4, I’ve looked around but my questions haven’t really been answered

What do you mean by this? The plastic of the casing has cracked?

What are your questions then?
You’re asking for help/advice on picking a stick, but you’ve given us very little to go on…

Hey @anzhar the embedded URL you have linked loops back to this thread, and not the intended one. Check it, the links is about a mile long—with this thread linked and the intended one repeated 4-5x after it.

@earthwormben check out the following thread (particularly page 1) for inspiration.

Thanks for the reading.
I think what I’ve been looking at mainly is building something from AFS. the Razer stick would be good but I have heard of it failing on people and it is a bit tougher to visually customise.


AFS sticks are top notch. Customer service from them is top notch too.

I had a look at a panzer also, I know they are highly regarded but the overall price (plus customs and shipping) might just be a bit too much.
Problem with the UK is that there is a lack of custom cases, and premium don’t fit in that band.
I’ve also had a look at the pantera, I would have to eventually change the cable (no problem) but I’ve heard people have problems with it after 6 months or so.

I picked up an HRAP Pro IV Kai from Fry’s Electronics ( to be my new primary stick instead of the custom stick I made. I absolutely love it. The matte Hayabusa buttons feel better than both Sanwa and Seimitsu for me, and the stick has a really nice weight and size to it. It’s comfy.
I do have a couple of very minor nitpicks. The cable door feels like it should lock a little tighter, but I’ve had no problems with it just falling open randomly. The art is also fairly difficult to remove if you want to put in your own art. It’s a giant sticker and you have to be careful removing it.

I wouldn’t go with a Panthera, as I’ve heard about a myriad of issues with it ranging from parts needing completely replaced after a short amount of time and that the general build quality just isn’t great.

If you haven’t removed the art panel yet, here’s a pro tip:
Use a hair dryer or (even better yet) a heat gun to soften the adhesive—making it a ton easier to remove the decal.

If you want new art for your stick, you’ve got a few options:


Focus Attack

Arcade Shock (Layers) unavailable at the moment

Panthera is a great stick. No issues at all. Lots of pros in the sfv fgc use it, its all preference. Not nearly as many controller issues as the te2 had.

Never used the Rap but seems a very easy stick to spray, put a custom cable on and use the cable compartment for something else