Is it too late for a noob to upgrade from SSFIV to AE? (X360)


Hey guys.

So i’ve always loved the Street Fighter series, but for the most part I play locally with friends now and again and I love watching the tourneys online. I’m not the best player (far far from it), but I wouldn’t say i’m the worst either, but compared to players online, i’d say i’m rather bad.

I was wondering what the players are like online for SSFIV AE? Is it nothing but high ranking players where I would get my ass royally kicked, or are there some lower ranking players so that I might stand a chance? I was considering digitally upgrading my SSFIV tomorrow as my partner is picking me up some xbox credit, but I don’t want to waste the credit on upgrading just so I can play against people online if there are nothing but pro players. Does the ranking system at least pair you up against players on the same level when you play a ranked match or not?

I know i’m late to the party, but something reignited the spark in my love for Street Fighter a few months ago, and i’d love to get back into the a series that I once held very dear to me.

Also, can anyone tell me which DLC pack this Cammy costume is from?

Thank you.


There’s definitely a lot of people in the skill range you’re looking for. 360 has the most players by far, especially in the US.
You could wait for Ultra in June, even tho that’s a bit far away. You would be able to get it for 40 with all the costumes.
Upgrading to AE and then to Ultra would cost you 30 but you would not them the costumes.

This is Cammy Alternate 1 by the way.


He’s asking what pack you have to buy not which alternate it is, i don’t know by the way.

I really want to say just wait the little over 3 and a half months until Ultra, and just buy it on disc for 40 bucks, so you get all the DLC costumes. Also make sure you pre-order it to get the 5 bonus DLC costumes for the new characters. Maybe work on some other game you have for now, or practice in training mode with your current Super SF4. ( 65% of things transfer over as well as links, plinking, ect.


As for the costume, it’s Cammy’s Alternate 1, so it’s in the first batch of costume packs.

I’m on PS3, so I don’t know about Xbox.

On PSN you would have to buy at least the DLC pack called “Street Fighter® IV Femme Fatale Pack”, it costs 3.99 dollars. The DLC is for SFIV (Vanilla), but it’s fully compatible with SSFIV and AE discs/digital versions.

Or you can buy the whole first pack of costumes for Vanilla, “Street Fighter® IV Complete Alternate Costume Pack”, it costs 6.49 on PSN now.

The disc version of Ultra, to be released in August, will have all the DLC costumes that was previously released


Thanks for the replies guys.

I did go ahead and upgrade to AE with my £10 xbox credit. Think i’ll have to hit the training room some more as I have yet to win a match out of about 15 or so… My main problem is my reaction time I think - not being able to react quickly enough to block certain attacks which leaves me open to combos.

I liked how I was able to search for players under the “same skill” as me in custom search for ranked matches, but doing that has only put me up against people C grade or higher (i’m D grade with O BP & PP). I joined an endless battle room too with “beginners welcome” - everyone other than myself was C grade and higher and I got my ass kicked in that room too D:

I’ll just keep on practicing and going over the Cammy character board here between now and Ultra. Maybe when Ultra releases there will be a few more players i’ll stand a chance against.

Thanks again.


When searching it looks for players with the same PP range i believe, not BP, though even then it doesn’t work flawless.
Getting a 1000 bp with a character is just grinding, even the worst players can get that much. Most players online now know atleast the basics, basics as in properly anti-airing, very basic hitconfirms, throw teching, some mixup on a knockdown.

Honestly it helps if you have a training buddy who knows the game decently well, he can point out flaws and improvements. Playing against friends offline is very very good…if they know what they are doing otherwise you are stuck in a bubble and you won’t be exposed to alot of different characters, players and playstyles.

USFIV will undoubtedly get some new players but the majority of the playerpool will still be players who have been playing for a while now.
The game has developed so much and been out for so long, the gap in skill of an absolute beginner and someone who has played a while is pretty big.


Getting a training buddy, even online, is a great idea.

Try to make friends online who are willing to help you improve, than play against them on Endless. Maybe they can also help you choose the right character for you, sometimes your first choice (usually based purelly on aesthetics) is not the best one for you.

Playing Ranked matches isn’t really a good option to learn the basics, especially now that the game is out for so long.

Also, try to read and watch videos about the game mechanics, including frame data, combos, punishes, setups, etc. I think it helps a lot, even in the beginning

Good luck!