Is it too late for the SF contest?


Just kinda sketched this out. I wanna finish it and submit it for the SF issue #2 contest if there is still time. Tell me what you think.


It’s always tooo big

…let’s try again.


I didnt even know they where having another contest…

Anywayz, lets see, Sakura right leg bothers me a little. I know the prespective for it is hard, I had that similar problem with bryan. Uh… Im suprised you have Sagat beatin’ the shit out of Sakura. I honestly think Sagat should be twice the size that he is, for dramatic reasons of course. Not a bad pic though.

Aint I supposed to be a school right now?


i recommend getting an anatomy book. This would be a bad ass pic if the muscles were more defined.


yes you are Deon…

actually… I’ve never drawn anyone this big before… if you’ve seen my other work you’ll see. I struggled hard with Sagat… this is after I made him bigger 3 times. Thanks for the advice… guess I’ll have to practice with larger characters.