Is it too late? (SF4)

I’ve been a very casual SF4 player for awhile now but after recently watching Winter Brawl and Final Round, it’s really sparked my interest in the competitive scene of these fighting games.
My question is, is it too late to start playing games like SF4/SSF4 competitively considering that most players are so damn good and started since the game’s been out? Or do I still have the time to practice and hopefully enter the competitive scene?

It’s not too late to up your game…just may have a longer time getting there.

All depends on your time and dedication.

No. Also very good to practice against strong opponents.

Of course. For me, personally, there’s no better time than now to actually put the time and dedication cause I’m in the home stretch of my studies.

Definitely not too late. I’m in the same situation as you, I’ve been playing casually for way too long and it’s about time I start taking it seriously.

it’s not too late at all. think about it this way, all the advanced tactics and character specifics have all been figured out now. instead of spending hours and hours in the lab yourself, you can easily browse info and learn it instantly. this in itself means that you will get better faster than a comparable player who started when the game first came out. the important part is that you take this into consideration and make a dedicated effort to learn the relevant info and practice putting it into use.

a lot of people who are new to the game have this attitude of like “oh i’ll just learn on my own through experience”. obviously, experience of all kinds is a great thing, but also know that the most efficient methods of play for the most part have already been figured out and documented. you would be doing yourself harm by not taking advantage of this. just my 2 cents. good luck!

Thanks for the great replies, guys. Quick question, though. How do these tourney players compare to those I face online in ranked matches? Are they similar? Better?

Most of the people you play online in ranked matches are probably terrible to average. If you are serious about getting good, you are much better off seeking out locals to practice with than playing online. Check out the regional matchmaking section.

It’s never too late.

However you should keep in mind that nearly 100% of players who you see in top 16 at tourneys are people who’ve been playing fighting games for YEARS, not just since SF4 launched.

im in the same boat and I hoping that this is actually the perfect time to get serious about it- because everyone is distracted by marvel : )

it isn’t too late. You’ll learn by playing people above your ability level.