Is it too late to get back into 3rd strike?

The recent news of Ibuki in super street fighter 4 has reinstated my interest in street fighter. I had dropped 3s in favor of KOF and then I wound up hating KOF. I never hated 3s but I kinda just stopped playing after a while. I had tried SF4 but I wasn’t really that into it and I just stopped playing fighting games altogether at that point.

After I quit SF4 I became obsessed with Ninja Gaiden and now I’m back here again. I haven’t played 3rd strike in almost 2 years or any fighting game in almost one year. I’ve been doing some training mode for the last couple days and to my surprise I can still do most of the bread and butter combos. Other than that I have completely forgotten how to play the game on a competitive scale.

I would like to come back to this game in case SSFIV fails me because I noticed some of the guys I used to play with (Nica KO, Tweleve,) still play today. I’ve also noticed people who used to post a lot (Dander, harmonaz, BlaQ, Hold Dat) are still here. I’m just kind of afraid to come back because I’ll get stomped harder than ever before. I was already bad when I quit, but everyone has passed me by and I’m starting from square one again.

So is the GGPO crowd for 3s still pretty decent? What about 2df? I haven’t used either program in ages. In fact I don’t even have them on my new computer.

yes lots of people still play on 2df and ggpo

It’s never “too late” to play the games you like, bro

its never too late when it comes to 3s, the ggpo competition is ok last time i played, and supercade is not too strong…i guess you can start there to get used to the game first and then move onto ggpo

2df is supercade now? It’s been so long since I played the shit has changed now.

supercade is pretty bad. lonely as hell since hardly anyone hosts 3S. when someone does they’re usually not good or they have some other problem. if ggpo works w/o issues on your computer then stick with that. too bad it doesn’t on mine.

also i remember you said you could hit-confirm ken’s in 7 frame delay. then it turned out you didn’t know what a hit-confirm was. i still remember that for some reason.

2DF is dead, and turned into a cemetery. All the good players don’t host.

Play 3S. Don’t question yourself. Just do it.

I was pretty ignorant when I was still a new player. I wish I could go back 3 years and kick myself in the face.

All the good players left, period. I recently started playing on GGPO and so far I haven’t seen any of the good 2DF players on there. It’s as if they died alongside 2DF.

they are too retarded to forward ports

Not if you love it.

Its never to late to play a classic.

If you’re worried about being bad and want tips PLUS inspiration, I’d recommend watching the Japanese players in their tournies lately. I could recommend some entertaining matches to remind you why 3S is SUCH an amazing game. I took a break from it too, but then I came BACK in FULL force! You can go to the Danisen website to get most of the matches BEFORE they’re on YouTube (but YouTube has a lotta the classic awesome matches as well). I’m STILL seeing tricks and/or combos that I didn’t know were possible lol (mostly character-specific combos). The matches are SO damned entertaining sometimes, you’ll be in pure awe sometimes, but you’ll probably also start to understand the game better when you start realizing what works for good players, and you’ll start to feel LESS self-conscious when you see them in the same situation as you: struggling to win a match (EVERYONE struggles at some point, regardless of skill level).

We’re all here to encourage you! In fact, when I pick Elena, I pick SPINNING BEAT now, cos I recently found out that she can link the super, and it OWNS (makes up for the otherwise relative low damage it does the rest of the time).

If you feel you’re not getting better or you’re bored, and you’re willing to experiment, BY ALL MEANS, I’d recommend you try a dif character so you don’t get bored and feel hopeless. Work on your own style, but try incorporating the styles (or maybe I should say, at least the tricks) of other players. I have certain “serious” characters at any time I’m actively playing, and sometimes I want a character just for screwing around to try to learn something new about the game in general, and to RELAX and not be too self-critical about my current performance. Sometimes I tell myself, “well, I lost badly and didn’t know what to do”, or “I had trouble with that combo”, “BUT that’s not my main character and I’m still new to him/her, so I ain’t worried!” O_O I’m just learning new timing…