Is it too late to learn how to play SF4 now?

Since SFV is coming out soon, is it pointless to learn how to play SF4? I was pretty determined to learn but there was just so much stuff to learn that I didn’t know where to start (I’m new to FGs) plus i got interested in USF4 when SFV got announced. I heard that SFV will be easier than SF4 (right?). Would learning SF4 help me at all?

Playing street fighter games generally helps you foundation in other street fighter games, though some things specific to games can also hurt you in others.

Is it worth it? It’s difficult to say now. It maybe that SF4 has a competitive live after V comes out; it could also die.

If you’re having fun with SF4, then there’s no problem with playing it. That’s really all that matters.

How new are you? I suppose it could help you with special motions and the feeling of fighting another person.

If you already have it I’d say go for it, if not (seems to be the case) I don’t recommend buying it. SFV is only a month away and it will be much easier to start with more people playing at your level, plus it supposedly has a working matchmaking system. Hopping online in SFIV at this stage is gonna get you very frustrated if you’re an absolute newbie.

That’s just a problem with the online mentality of players nowadays.
Instead of adding people to their friend list that they have close matches with, people say to themselves: “That guy was shit.”

If you add friends that are as new as you, which you find plenty of online especially on Steam sales and in Steam groups, then you’re gonna have a good online experience even as a complete scrub after those initial beatdowns.

It’s never too late to pick up a game. Play what you have fun playing. From a competitive standpoint it’d be almost pointless, but you’d still learn basic fundamentals that are universal between several games.

i still play SF4 cause it really is a good game i dont think its too late

If you’re just trying to learn the basics then you can learn them on any game. Hell, sometimes people practice the fundamentals on Super Turbo before they get into other Street Fighter games, or fighting games in general. The specific mechanics for V are only going to be useful in V though, as there’s no other game with V-skills and V-triggers. It’s up to you if you want to learn the fundamentals or if you specifically want to learn the mechanics brought into a game.

I’m in a similar position. I just started trying to pick up Street Fighter a month ago, so SFV will be my first actual SF game. I think it’s worth picking up SFIV. It’s pretty cheap, there’s plenty you can still practice to get execution/fundamentals down, and it’s still a fun game. I don’t think learning SFIV in depth would help, but learning SFIV fundamentals could help give you a head start on picking up some of the fundamentals of SFV.

I started with USF4 and I can very much understand that it is overwhelming. I enjoy it enough to warrant the price though.
If you have it on Steam, we could play some matches. I might not be the best, but I’m a decent teacher if I say so myself.

You gotta ask yourself if learning it benefits you. Will you play it afterwards or quit?
but in general man, sf2/3 is where you should start regardless of release date.


I tried playing SF2 a few weeks ago and I realized I can absolutely not play with a D-Pad.
SF3 is fun, I rarely play it though. Not even sure why, I enjoy it. Guess because my close friends stopped playing it :confused:
Going to a get-together on the 30th and they’ll have a 3rd Strike tourney there. Maybe that’ll ignite the spark again.

I’m picking USFIV now, and I haven’t played any Street Fighter since I was a kid. If you want to learn with me, we can get some games on Steam. My connection is pretty bad, and I live in Uruguay, so we should try and see if it works.

The thing about SFIV is that there are so many matchups to learn it’s unlikely you’ll really even scratch the surface unless you stick with it in parallel to SFV.

If you do buy it you should just have the expectation that you’ll be training execution and learning the basics of fighting games for a month until SFV comes out, which definitely would ease the learning curve for SFV.

I have friends interested in (and are starting to play) SF2 and SF3, so no. Play what you like, especially if you can find competition/someone to play it with.

Gettin’ perfected by Seth and Ibuki all day (゚ヮ゚)

I’m doing pretty much what everyone is advising you here. I was playing USF4 on keyboard. Last december I got myself an arcade stick. So, right now, I’m just trying to learn the stick in order to play SFV (and other fighting games as well). So, yeah! USF4 is a great game to start with, and also cheap right now, but too deep to go within a month. Use it to learn the basics (of anything) in fighting games. Or save the money to go straight to SFV and play some SSF2 meanwhile.

This is what I’ve been doing. I got SFIV cheap on Steam and have just been using it to get the basics down and to get practice in with a fight stick as I’ve been a pad player in every other fighting game I’ve played. I’m not expecting to win many (if any matches) of SFIV I play between now and SFV release but I’m hoping to be better prepared for when it does come out.

The game will still ahve a scene. Just start playing Ryu for example. Learning the fundamentals is always good.

I started picking up SF4 again and playing it with my friends. I’m also playing 3rd Strike to help improve my mechanics for V. SF4 is fun, but I wish I didn’t lag a bunch on PC version when playing online >.<

and SF4 has my main character, Rose lol