Is it too much to ask for sliders in a fighting game?

i think that if the NBA 2K series can have sliders to affect and effect not only overall gameplay, but how individual players act on the court, would it be too much to include the same type of toggle system for a fighting game?

keeping with NBA 2K as an example, i can modify the way electronic steve nash plays in order more closely resemble his real life counterpart. i can make it so he hits a higher percentage of his shots, while taking far less of them. at the same time, i can increase his clutch factor so that just like in real life, if his team needs him, he’ll make the plays when he has to. i can tone down his rebounding and slow down or speed up the pace he plays at. i guess what i’m saying is that the possibilites are endless, and they are adjustable depending on who’s playing, their level of expertise in the game and their personal preferences.

i’m wondering why this hasn’t been implemented in fighting games. i mean, we all complain that the CPU is too predictable (any time ryu has ultra, he’ll pop it off anytime you’re within sweep range…ALL THE TIME), but who says it can’t be an element that we can actually benefit from? i mean, maybe a slider would dictate how many times out of 100 the CPU would try and combo into ultra/super, how many times it would go for a cross-up, how many times it would attempt, hit and miss on one-frame links, how many times it would fadc into a super/ultra/special move or how many times it would do a wake-up shoryu (i’d put that down to 0). hell, with enough sliders, we may even get the CPU to replicate playstyles of famous players.

this would probably add to the replay value, given enough thought and research, would probably end up helping a lot of players improve on their bad habits and play styles. thoughts?

(btw, i know that the record function kind-of/sort-of does this, but 10 seconds is hardly enough time to do anything but practice one in-game situation out of the literal hundreds that occur in a match)

The feature meant for that is 2P support. Single player and training already serve their function, which is combo/execution practice. Even with sliders/extensive AI customization you’d get, at best, a clumsy parody of decent human competition. So I doubt any company would actually direct resources to developing and implementing such a function.

I dunno, go for it if you’re making a fighting game. However, it had better be on the very end of the priority list. I would be really mad if someone made a game less polished gameplay wise in order to make a better AI.

Ok, that was too much text to read. Is this what you’re talking about? Because if it is, I’m all for sliders being included with fighting games.

Using a “slider” in a versus game as the primary determinant of winner/loser will typically turn gameplay into a tug-of-war. That’s not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s a huuuge departure from the normal mechanics involved in fighting games as we know them.

I think a slider for some sort of secondary aspect would fit better into fighting games as we know them. Again, this could either be in a way that aids the losing player (slows offensive momentum, can either encourage comebacks or create some degree of back-and-forth struggle) or in a way that aids the winning player (snowballs momentum, encourages long streaks of dominance and more crushing, decisive victories). A theoretical example of the former (helps the underdog) would be if Guilty Gear’s guard bars for each player were actually one connected sliding meter: the player who has been scoring a lot of hits has higher scaling on his attacks (they do less and less damage or dizzy or stun frames or whatever) while the player who is being hit a lot actually has bonuses on his attacks (they do more and more damage or dizzy or stun frames or whateve). A theoretical example of the latter (helps the, uhh, “overdog” ?) would be if Super Smash Bros started both players off at… I dunno, let’s say 70%, and every time you hit your opponent, their number goes up and your number goes down, to a maximum of yours being 0 and theirs being 140.

Strange thread title, but I’m all for this and it’s been one of my most often requested features. It’s not even that hard to implement. Obviously 1st prize would be a fully scriptable dummy, but even stuff where you can customize what the dummy does when you’re close to it on wakeup would be great eg. 40% of the time he does late crouch tech, 10% he backdashes, 15% he does a reversal, etc. etc.

I have no clue what a “slider” is?

Oh, thanks…

It’ll be a nice addition for fighting games. Fire Pro Wrestling series always has something similar where you can pretty much control most aspects of your edited wrestler’s behaviour. You can set percentages to the CPU’s actions based on various situations given in the game, even their aggressiveness. It’s really incredible stuff. You can get 2 well edited CPUs and watch them pull a proper 5 star wrestling match with surprising in-ring psychology. The GBA version is easily available, definitely recommend if you wanna mess with CPUs in a “VS.” game.

I’m pretty sure most fighting games are using these sliders. Just a case of putting these options in a nice GUI.

if 2K and EA can make individual sliders for more than 250 players, 10 of them being active simultaneously on the court, then i’m pretty sure capcom could make them for a cast of 20, with only 2 being active at the same time.

imagine the possibilities of having these sliders for ryu…
(starts at 50 for default and can be toggled from 1-100)

offensive ability
defensive ability
uses normals when in range
jumps in
attacks after knockdown
uses complex combos
uses damaging combos
uses tick throws
uses cross-ups
attempts wake-up attack
uses clock to maintain life lead
combos into specials when normals hit
uses ultra to counter
combos into super when available
combos into ultra when available

this is all just the top of my head, but i can imagine dozens more. again, it’s all hypothetical, but i would be nice to have this option some time in the future.

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this is me writing a buff-ass post without properly reading what this thread is about

Yes it is too much to ask for in a fighting game