Is it tru sent loses to magnus?!



Ok i waz wondering if sent loses to mag now. I mean even tho sent can zone,chip,run,etc… mag almost always finds a way of getting in wit mag one catch can kill sent now even w/o an assist will lead to sentinels demise thanks to that standing fierce unblockable reset of magz. I mean damn is there no even to magnus’ tru power??? Guys give me ur comments and Thoughts about this…Later…


one on one magneto should not lose to sent, s.lp and sj fp rh pins him down so back he cant do anything about it, mag slaughters sent one on one IMO, with assist its diff because sent is like a whole other character when he has a great aaa, so the matchup changes and its in sents favor i think, sent/cap and sent/cyc are real tough duos to fight with mag…


hey da_dragon, you ok. How come it says “im done” and “Fuck this shit”? Is everything cool?


thx for the concern man, im fine tho:D im just giving marvel a break come end of july and get my school life straight cuz i fucked up bad, aint no room for marvel after that;) :frowning:

I’ll start back playing after i straighten shit out, thx alot for asking tho man, i appreciate it:D


on paper magnus can rushdown a solo sent all day… but that’s on paper. its never clear who owns a match between the gods…



i would say own. it’s as simple as puch blocking.

plus mouth blast, fly, unfly, mouth blast pins for a minute. all sentinel has to do is run and keep push blocking. if magneto has sent drones or doom rocks now that’s another story.


No problem bro. But good luck with school man. I fuck up to so your not alone:D


its not really simple to push block mag with sent, that nigga is hard to get offa u, if u time the sj ad forward fp rh, it hits in two diff directions and if u slow it down sent cant get you off him, if he block anything from there its just a matter of mixing up, grabbing him, goin hig corssing over etc. magneto just ha alot more options in this fight than sentinel that why i think he wins…

Crimson: thx man:D


Hmm… my sent gets owned by magnus when I don’t have aaa.

If u guys ever heard of Mark Santos or better yet RowTron… it’s really hard to get their magnetos off yur dick.

But I guess it depends… I’ve played against a lot of people that use sent and fuck my magnus up. Real good example: Kuan. That nigga IS sentinel.


If it’s my sentinel against magneto i win most of the time by doing what i just said. and if he keeps following me i just let him follow me into the corner where if i get a grab on him ggpo.


what moves do you do to sent to do more damage? aside from the inf though…


infinite is the only thing really. only u wanna go for a reset which doesn’t work much on sentinel. just inifite to the corner and catch em with a corner tempest. or snap him out.


i mean, u can unblockable sentinel with mag too, he has two


I’d like to know these two if u would plz…:slight_smile:


One of them is a standing fierce during the ROM that can’t be blocked forward or back, I’m not sure about the other one tho… is it the c.rh? But I thought this was just a cross-up… well I dunno. :stuck_out_tongue:


it is c.rh, no cross up even tho it appears to hit the other side of sentinel, its juss plain ol unblockable. haha, magnus ='s too cheap and too good


u know its getting to the point where magz is god i mean he can face anyof the top tiers and win cab he rapes, now he can fight sent and that waz one of his worst matchups i think now the only character who gives him probs like any other character is storm and even then mag can RTSD!mag has so many options and he is so versitile then add psy and u got one of the most powerful duos in the game. I saw the match genghis vs soo and Genghis used storm,sent,cap and soo didnt win until he used msp makes me think is mags a higher tier now maybe second best in the game???:confused:


soo didn’t win until he used msp… because soo IS magneto. :eek:


tru dat homie tru dat


what is the crouching roundhouse unblockable reset of mags?

how is it done?