Is it true Daigo isn't playing SF4 @ Evo? :(

Is this true? I heard Daigo, Mago, and all those top japanese players aren’t coming? :frowning:

Daigo should be there…Mago isn’t coming. Nuki should also be there. Kuni Funada is reported to be coming. Not sure who else is definitely from there.

lol didn’t daigo win a FREE TRIP to evo by winning the gamestop exhibition. it’d be retarded for him not to come, $7200 will buy you a lot of hookers in japan (apparently Mago hates $$$ and hookers)

Just type in Daigo Umehara in the sign in page, and you will see if he is coming or not, he is playing HD Remix too

he hasn’t entered HDR, the evo staff just felt like holding his name on the side for HDR should he decide to enter. We’ll find out if he gets in contact with the staff before or at the evo if he’s actually going to enter.

^ i think its weird that they just didn’t go ahead and hold his spot for every game. He’s won an evo tourney for GGXX already and him + Nuki would be ARPE in 3s.

Oh, well… mybad on that, i didnt know.


he’ll be there.

he will be there


It’s ok, you can still get your autographed picture of him to put on your wall.

Is it true that daigo is an Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik?

Of course diago is gonna play sf4 at evo. He owned in the gamestop tournament.

dude where do you get your info from daigo,dan and kuni are the japanese are are coming

So mago is confirmed not coming?

^ we will know soon buddy :wink:

Rumor is he has no passport. :rolleyes:

yo dawgs I herd mago is an illegal mexican

If so that sucks… I concur with Mike Ross that Mago will kill…