Is it unnecessary to crouch tech with mp

hi guys sorry if this has been answered but i play on the regular controller and is it needed to crouch tech with mp thanks in advanced

Not needed, but can be quite helpful. EX, playing vs rufus- if you crouch tech with mp and he throws, then you get the tech. If does a instant dive kick when he’s close, you beat the dive kick. There are certainly a few situations where this helps, but I suppose it’s not absolutely necessary if you are on controller.

Does somebody has a good idea what crouch tech you should use according to match up. I mostly p-link a tech but
I am sure its not optimal all the time.

ok thanks taiga i’ll take the time to use it more maybe in certain matchups etc…

I’ve not had a chance to test this as yet, but I think crouch tech + c.fp might work against viper with her crazy burn kicks (not sure what its called). C.fp is alot more risky to whiff vs so if she backdashes and your c.fp comes out then your gonna get seriously punished. Need to test this out in the lab.

crouch tech+c.MK is good against her on your wakeup,it should duck burn kicks

ok thanks everyone for the helpful knowledge i appreciate it

I was about write-in this morning with the same suggestion, lol! you beat me to it.

against rufus I do delayed crouch techs with HP, till he starts getting it and changing the time of his frame trames (usually doing the instant dive earlier), then I start mixing mp and hp. May be usefull against other divers aswell.

I always crouch tech with mp. Any reasons not to? besides mk might be better to use against certain characters.

there are reasons not to. ppls can frame trap you easier than if you just crouch tech with jab. Also, IMO, against some quick characters, it’s better to tech with just jab, that way you can not have a move hanging out there for too long. I’m sure there are more reasons. I know this is an argument from authority, but I see high level Ryu players sometimes tech with different inputs. I’m sure there are reasons.

I was messing around as Dhalsim yesterday and crouch teching with MP against a good Sakura player. I noticed everytime I did the with MP I would get hit by frame traps and comboed, but without it I would remain blocking. Taiga_Knee is right, you need to vary it depending on who your playing.

Hahaha. I’ve gotten addicted to crouch teching with w/ Sim also. It’s too good vs. people that don’t frame trap. But, after someone shows me that they can do at least two frame traps, then I stop teching so much, since a throw does way less damage than a frame trap to combo. I also might start normal throw teching, or even stand teching. Someone told me last week that stand teching is quicker than throw teching, so you CANT get frame trapped.